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SEO Copy writing and Promotion

SEO Copy writing has come a long way that now it turned a little more complex than before. Search engines are becoming smarter day by day updating their algorithm often and also upgrading their criteria for ranking.  You cannot just write some content by stuffing all the keywords.  Google and other search engines know very well how to tackle low quality content that carry keyword stuffing. Google brought out “Content Farm” which demote the sites carrying low quality content and also an option to its users to report sites that carry low quality content via Personal Blocklist Chrome Extension“(If installed, the extension will send the blocked site information to Google and Google will conduct a study to consider that as a potential ranking signal for their search results). Irrespective of the number of tips one can give for SEO Copywriting, ultimately the quality of content only matters the most and in the coming days this will remain as one of the significant aspect for ranking. Once the content becomes popular you will get natural backlinks. Also very important is the way you market your content. Even though you possess quality content, if it is not endorsed then you can’t expect the dissemination of the same. So it is also important to promote it competently and the best medium is via social platforms. One of the most authentic way of propagation is “By Word of mouth” and it becomes a chain communication while referring from one person to another, the same you could expect with social media platforms. For e.g., if you share your content with known people and if they find it worth, without even asking they certainly promote it. Social media like facebook, twitter, Digg in, Delicious, stumble upon are apt medium to promote yourself and also the content.  You could also participate in forums to get credibility for what you say and write.  So keep in mind that Content is the King and forever it remains the same, and equally important is the promotion of the same via social media platforms.

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Commenting on blogs

Distinctive Blog post:

Write posts that are controversial which can create debate and encourage visitors to comment and voice their opinion on your blog. It would be much better if you can describe your statement with certain facts and evidence.

Try asking questions in your posts:

Ask questions in your post while will enable readers to think and they may reply with some answers.

Comment on other blogs:

Find related blogs in your industry, read their posts and give meaningful comments that may add value. Commenting on others blogs is one of the best networking methods.

Comment on other blogs or forums along with your link:

Do comment on other blogs or forums along with your link and explain why your post is important. By adding link along with the comment, many people will click to your blog and give honest feedback through comments.

Comment exchanges:

By exchanging comments with other people in your industry, both parties benefit.

Comment contests:

You can tell people that if they comment on your post they may win great prizes. Many people will participate just to win the contest.

Fake comments:

This is not the write way to promote a blog. But if you’re desperate, fake comments may portray that your blog is active and alive.

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Top Ten Copywriting Books

If you are copywriter then the best you can educated yourself by reading some of the great books written on copywriting. The best copywriting books around are not written specially for online, as you could tell from this list. But you should have at least one, and it’s a close call. Based on that, I have listed the top 10 copywriting books written with best intension:

1. On Writing – Stephen King

2. Net Words – Nick Usborne

3. Movies in the Mind – Colleen Mariah Rae

4. Triggers – Joe Sugarman

5. Influence – Robert Cialdini

6. Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples

7. The Copywriter’s Handbook – Bob Bly

8. The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier

9. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – Joe Sugarman

10. Wizard of Ads (Trilogy) – Roy H. Williams

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5 SEO Secrets for Copywriters!

They make every title of an article rock! Yes, articles which have great titles get linked to a lot more than articles which have titles that are boring. Getting your writing linked to is more important than any other factor of SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriters must make every post scannable! Your readers must be able to scan all the articles and posts you write, don’t expect them to read each and every line of the article to be read. They must be able to easily find the headings which explain to them what the next section is about. They should also find numbered and unordered lists. This leads to increased links from other websites.

Advanced SEO copywriters must target a set of keywords with each and every post. You must have noticed that the word ‘SEO copywriters’ has already appeared nearly three times on this page, this is because I’m trying to target that keyword with this post! It is generally recommend to insert at least 3 to 4 keywords on a single page.

Writers must get the keyword into a few heading tags on the page or post. If you’re a Blogger this means to make sure your keyword(s) is in the title of your post. You can also add your keyword(s) into headings within your post. Bloggers of WordPress can take advantage of this: Secret ‘Blogging Traffic Booster’ In WordPress.

SEO Copywriters know must that there are many variations of the target keywords which could be searched for. If a post targets ‘SEO Copywriter’, it should probably also target terms like ‘SEO Copywriting’ and ‘SEO Copywriters’.

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Write what you like…!

Whenever you are writing, look for out something you like to write about; for instance some people, they stick on to a particular genre like fantasy, romance, thriller or horror. Sometimes it’s the same genre they read, though often at times this is not the case. Writing about what you like is especially important when it comes to nonfiction writing.

Not only it is very boring for the writer when they have to write about something they don’t have interest in it, sometimes the writer end up with very poor results in writing. For example, it won’t make any sense for someone interested in fashion to write about world hunger or global warming.

It is not only difficult for the writer to keep writing on such topics if they not interested, they might even end up hating the art of writing! If the writer loves the topic, and if he or she is more knowledgeable about that topic, then the writer is guaranteed to provide you the best quality content, it will take lot more work and research to write excellent and accurate articles.

However on the other hand, keep in mind that writing about things that you’re not interested or knowledgeable can still be beneficial! It will help to expand your abilities; focus and you will learn something new; who knows you might even find the issue interesting!

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Why do people find it difficult to write?

There are number of reasons projected one finds difficult to write. One of the main reason people finds difficult to write is that they adopt more formal mode of vocabularies when they start to write.

When people start to write content, they use to come up with formal, self learned and standard words into it. They use learnt tones right from their school, colleges, university and even from office. Framing high standard sentence always matters and perhaps it sound importance. Most of the people use different phrases or words to full the article with useful information.

At first when you start to write your article, ensure that it has been written more carefully and clearly. People have more possibilities of correcting the vocabularies, phrases and the standard of English initiated. You can edit or modify the sentence and add more reliable information to make things clear.

Make sure that you have understood the concept and well known about the stuff. Analyze more books, newsletters and seminars or events offered. Read the style of other popular authors and understood what has been given in the content.

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Choose a writer who suits you

Copywriting is very crucial for the company’s overall growth. It is because the brand building online and that messaging is very significant. The writing that one contributes is very important to showcase your corporate culture of the company, your products and all your services. So it is very important that the writer becomes you when he/she writes for your company. The ‘ownership’ is very vital for processes like this. A poorly, non-empathetic writing will always lead to poorer results. The results may be good based on the writing, but the sustainability of the customer or surfer trust is very important. Direct marketing writing is very easy that is successfully completed by many people here.

Search marketing copywriter is one who feels the product’s use in the perception of the customer, when he still carries the thoughts of search engine and rankings. With this context, it is essential to search for a copywriter who is technically (here I mean writing) skilled and strategically (with reference to search engine and search marketing) excellent. When choosing a copywriter for your search marketing, it is essential to keep certain points in mind. Ask for their experiences and their references. This will establish the standard of the articles. Be diplomatic in giving the work, do not rush the topics. When selecting the keywords, it is essential for the copywriters to be there. This will enhance the copywriter to best understand the concepts. Apart from explaining about the company completely, fill him/her with information.

Thus you can choose and get the work done from a copywriter for your search marketing campaigns.

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Copywriting and online Marketing

Let’s talk about two important concepts. Writing, which was then a hobby, is now a powerful medium. A word can pierce into any heart and can cause such an impact that can change lives. Writing is a powerful medium of communication and it revolutionizes today’s communication world. On the other hand, Online Marketing is gaining much of popularity in these days. The whole world is shrunk into a small screen and the communication is getting easier and smarter day by day. Internet is something that no one can avoid and this electronic medium rocks the floor. Thus marketing online is a very reasonable and of course a smart move by the investors.

Copywriting, the most necessary and effective element of effectual online marketing is the talk of every Search Engine optimization firm. The technicality and the logic behind copywriting inculcate the usage of appropriate words to affect a person’s view on a particular product, project or a person. The words are written strategically to promote either estimation or an opinion. All this is to lead the reader to follow a mode of action that fulfills the aim of online marketing. The important thing to make the content writing a happening thing is to grab the attention of readers with compelling materials.

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who to focus on? search engines or the reader?

Who to focus on? Search engines or the reader?

In search engine optimization content is the king. SEO copywriting thus gains importance. But who is the target audience- the reader or search engines who determine whether the content should be read by the people or not? The answer lies in the question itself. It is the search engines who determine the relevancy of the keywords in the content and decide the position of the page or the site in the results page. So, I believe SEO copywriting is targeted more on search engines.

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