Can you kill your competitor?

Friday, September 16th, 2011 SEO Myth Breakers

Google has been claiming you cannot kill your competitor just by adding a few backlinks from a negative network or a list of strong links say 25 which would mean a sudden boost of backlinks for the site.
There was also one interesting webmaster video from Laurence, London who asked

Can I flag spammy links to my site that I didn’t create?
“Is there a process through which a site owner could flag spammy links being built to their site by third parties (by a competitor for example)? How do you protect against sites being penalised for bad links which they have not built?” Laurence, London

Well though Matt and the search team try really hard to identify GBL from BBL. May be the manual team may take over this department of monitoring links along with duplicate content generation.
Check out the testing results here:

Operation Kill Competitor – Successful

But note these test results were able to affect micro sites… i.e a comparatively newly built site which has not seen the old faces of Google algorithm. For the keyword it got shuttled to NF. But for a site that has aged with cloaking techniques, hidden links, bad network of links, link farms… and that which also have a clean set of good back links as backup was not affected.
? Good luck with some competitor *** kicking.

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