SEO – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Always work in user point of view. Focus the users, not search engines.
  • Navigation paths in your site must be clean. If a visitor explore your site, he should feel very comfortable.
  • Apply labels for all the pages very clearly. Give a brief about it so that your users will understand the page better.
  • Be sure about the information you are publishing in website. All the contents in your website must be helpful for users.
  • Submit sitemaps if you add new pages. This will let the search engines to know about the new pages and getting crawled.
  • Apply text in non-textual content areas such as images, videos etc….
  • Keep an eye on the impact of organic results for your website regularly. Always analyze before and after implementing any SEO factors.
  • Your code must be simple and clean. If it is vary tidy, it is a setback for your website.
  • Instead of targeting homepage for each and every keyword, Create unique page for important keywords and target those pages.
  • Get direct links from sites that have same theme as much as possible.
  • Make sure your site files and folders were following a hierarchical structure. This will increase the visibility of site to the user and as well the search engines. All files were interlinked and you can avoid orphanage files.
  • Search engines won’t crawl script. So make use of CSS more and JavaScript less.
  • Be tolerant until you get the result you expect. Good rankings may take more time. Even if you achieve better rankings quickly, it will vanish soon.
  • Always keep in your mind that each one connected with your business is possibly a link partner, including your customers, your affiliates and your advertising partners.
  • Always read blogs, participate in forums which makes you updated and stands you on top in SEO.



  • Do not duplicate your content. Each and every article in website must be unique. Through carelessness you may lead to create duplicate pages. It will always happen in dynamic websites.
  • Don’t use parameters in the url. If it is needed, don’t use too many parameters. Always rewrite urls structure using .htaccess.
  • Don’t have any 404 page in website. Always create custom 404 pages and redirect dead pages to new pages relevant to that old page.
  • Don’t use too much Flash. Search engines will not crawls flash codes. Also it consumes more load time.
  • Don’t have many outgoing links (links to other sites).This will drain the link power of your page.
  • Never involve in any black-hat SEO techniques that will lead your search engine rankings down.
  • Don’t contact vendors for SEO problems and ideas. Their main motto is to advertise a product, not to boost up your rankings in search engines.
  • Don’t fear if your rankings went back. Rankings will fluctuate sometimes, and if your rankings did not bounce back quickly, you need to analyze and implement a better strategy.
  • Don’t rely on untrustworthy expert advice while selecting keywords for your website. Use data.

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