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10 irresistible SEO Copy writing hacks you need to know

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 Uncategorized

SEO Copywriting Techniques

Search engines ranks a site, if it has a compelling and convincing content which makes the user to stay long. In that case, you have to create a unique article which helps the user with his search query. You need to craft your content such that it has to get promoted and gain external links from other users. This will help your page to rank better in search engine results page.

Modern SEO website copywriting has improved a lot and some ethical hacks have to be employed in copywriting procedures. Just have a look at these 10 SEO copywriting tips which boost up your ranking in search engine pages.


Copy writing Hacks

Add LSI Keywords while copywriting for SEO

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, in other words, relevant or synonyms of your focused keyword has to be added throughout your article. To find LSI keyword, you need to just type in the main keyword in search engine and note down the keywords which are highlighted in the results page.

seo copywriting


In the above example, the main keyword is “retrieve files” and LSI keywords are recover, file etc.

Know your target audience!!

Your copywriting content may look similar to others as content marketing industry has grown beyond our imagination. So, in order to stand out from crowd, you have to do intensive research about your targeted audience on 4 W’s Who? Where? What? Why?

• First, you should know who your clients are.
• Next important thing is demographical audience analysis which involves a research of age, gender, culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and educational level of your customers. This information is essential to build a strong SEO strategy and it also helps to create an appropriate content.
• Your article must meet the audience expectation and what actually they need.
• You have to convince them why they have to go for your product or services.


Target Audience

Create visual content to increase traffic!!!

More than a written text, images speaks in a way which is well understood by a reader. Instead of writing the elaborated seo content, add some images which are relevant to your topic. This increases the visibility and reduces the bounce rate.

Keyword Research!!!

The keyword which has been highly searched by users should be your first priority. A proper Keyword research should be done before writing the content. Watch out for the keyword density in your article which is an important ranking factor.


Keywords Research

Write Fabulous Titles, Headings and Descriptions!!!

Your article’s title, headings, subheadings and description must have the keyword which drives more traffic. The variation of keyword has to be taken and their presence in the content makes the page to rank higher

Optimize your copywriting content to generate high Conversion rate!!!
Make sure that your article has Call to action option. SEO copywriting content has to drive high conversion rate and make a visitor to buyer. You need to assess the exact reason where you lose the traffic and add some elements like testimonials and social proof to overcome it.


High Conversion rate

Give a clear vision to your reader!!!

Tell the user about the advantages of using your products. Instead of describing the features, your article must give a crystal clear idea of the benefits that the user will get while using your products or services.


Perfect headlines!!!

No matter what you write in the body, your content will be judged by your headlines and subheadings. Choose simple and straightforward heading which grabs the attention of the users easily. Don’t forget to include your keywords in those headlines and subheadings since they drive traffic to your page and make it easier to get ranked in search engines.


Perfect Headlines

Advantages of using active voice!!!

Instead of telling, “many firms have benefited from our SEO services”, use active voice sentence like “We have helped many firms that has befitted from our SEO services”. This kind of tone is considered to be more friendly and pleasant to a user.

Try to avoid long paragraphs!!!

Nobody likes to read a lengthy paragraph; user easily gets tired of reading long paragraphs, so avoid it at any cost. Instead, add some special attributes like bucket brigades, subheadings etc. and truncate the unnecessary content. This leads to enhanced visualization of your content and also reduces the bounce rate.

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