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Top Ten Copywriting Books

Saturday, August 30th, 2008 copywriting, Promotion, social

If you are copywriter then the best you can educated yourself by reading some of the great books written on copywriting. The best copywriting books around are not written specially for online, as you could tell from this list. But you should have at least one, and it’s a close call. Based on that, I have listed the top 10 copywriting books written with best intension:

1. On Writing – Stephen King

2. Net Words – Nick Usborne

3. Movies in the Mind – Colleen Mariah Rae

4. Triggers – Joe Sugarman

5. Influence – Robert Cialdini

6. Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples

7. The Copywriter’s Handbook – Bob Bly

8. The Robert Collier Letter Book – Robert Collier

9. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word – Joe Sugarman

10. Wizard of Ads (Trilogy) – Roy H. Williams

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