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Effective copywriting with LSI – Latent semantic Index

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 Uncategorized

Your guide to effective SEO copywriting with LSI

SEO copywriting, when done in the way it is intended to be, it is said to get valuable web traffic for your website without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising. Though there are several prevailing forces for an effective content, two things matter a lot, one is high-quality content and another one is engaging content. While visual elements like rich media, GIF, and infographics have already made its way to make your website/blog more interesting, taglines or the catchy phrases used to describe them also matters. Is it all about ranking and traffic? Yes, but it is also about engaging your readers, building authority, connecting with them, selling product/service. When you get right down to it, what is the point of receiving prospects to pages that do not serve a purpose?

As a good SEO copywriter, you should be able to able to please the readers as well as the search engines. Here’s a compilation of some important guide to effective SEO copywriting, all of which are based on real-time experience.

  • Compelling headlines: you will have to set the tone for your content which is best done through a headline that is irresistible. It must be ingenious- absolutely. A compelling headline, apart from making an outstanding first impression, it gets your article read, but make sure that you throw some effective SEO strategies to it like keyword centric title, highlighting features or offers as such.
  • Precise and crisp: be short and snappy with your content and always remember that crispy content grabs attention! There is no denying the fact that shorter blog posts do better than longer or very chunky blocks of text. Let not your readers feel intimidated neither bored. Make sure that your content is precise and crisp. Connect with them and let your content make the readers more engaging.
  • Latent Semantic Index (LSI): In search engine optimization, LSI is becoming an important factor and it has already reached the rate of knots to where it is now. Basically, it maps out the relationships between words to decode the meaning of the text. Though the algorithms used to position web pages cannot “think” like humans, they can match up to the words used in a specific file down with classifying the structure of that particular document. Seasoned writers, instead of focusing on keyword density, concentrate on LSI and make use of related keywords, synonyms, and grammatical variations. By this means, they will not only scale up the chances of ranking in the Search engine result pages, but it also helps prevent redundancy in your copy.
  • Spice-up your words: The hallmark of great writing depends on the words you make use of. Have you ever wondered how some content developers have a weird ability to connect you emotionally with their content? It is with the power of words they do that and as a matter of fact, it is the proof of mastery of the craft. Taking the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride is what that makes them feel connected. The power of certain words is said to go far and beyond that.

Incorporate the aforesaid strategies into your SEO copywriting and leverage influence and psychology to perk up organic rankings and captivate your audience.

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