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Effective writing for mobile-friendly websites

Friday, January 6th, 2017 Uncategorized

An insight into effective writing for mobile-friendly websites

Websites have become mobile-friendly, so should content!

Copywriting is a big and essential part of the mobile experience; it goes without saying. Brands that tries to convey their message in an effective way on smaller devices outclasses and survives well than that doesn’t. This piece of writing will throw light on how to optimize mobile copywriting for a superior UX, now travel with me to know how to best achieve it.

The user context:

An effective mobile copy, apart from considering the user’s exposure towards the brand or company and who the person is, it should also take into account the user context, meaning certain key elements like:

  • Where they are
  • What device they are using and
  • Their state of mind.

In simple, it should consider the factors of user context and never be stripped back for information. There is no point in updating a content that clutters the page which also impedes the user journey, so consider cutting copies that get in the way of aiding the user journey. A crisp and compelling copy can help to neutralize a limited word count and users with a shorter attention span.

Support usability over tone:

While engaging users is considered as essential, the usability factor is also as important as engaging them. Clear, crisp, and concise is how your content should be, however, this best match to mobile-friendly websites. Simply said, maximum information with minimum words is what works, when it comes to mobile-friendly content. This type of approach is said to have a great impact and a website that merge a strong tone with summarizing calls-to-action is inclined to be the most effective.

Mull over on the journey of the user:

Reduce all factors that are said to have an unfavorable effect on conversion rates. An effective copy should also focus on the physical or emotional context of the user. This will have a great impact on the online journey of theirs. So, you should mull over on the journey of the user. It takes into account including relevant links and prompts for navigation. Additionally, it also means making sure that the copy is consistent all through, even with things like error messages. That being said, this type of copy which includes the error messages can be left to designers who will be more apt to use language or phrases that are unusual or jarring.

Follow the rule of golden triangle:

In view of the fact that, users focus on the top left hand of the screen when they are reading on desktop, on the other hand, when it comes to Smartphone’s, they will focus on more on the screen itself and take that into consideration, this is due to the immediate and short scrolling action required on Smartphone’s. It is generally suggested that placing the most significant information at the top or center of the screen helps cut down bounce rate and ensures the user’s attention is maintained.

Final note

A good writer should model, structure and create information while encircling some specific elements like building information architectures, determining content requirements and finding ways to connect and relate to the content.



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