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Increase your conversions with these copywriting tips based on Psychology and Linguistics

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 Uncategorized

To understand your customers better, it is generally said that you should lean forward and anticipate. Blind guesses and hunches are not always right; however, thanks to the psychological research studies that help marketers have a clear understanding of the subject.   Tapping into the psyche of your potential customers, as a copywriter, one should trigger the linguistic and psychological factors that can best persuade a customer while resulting in increased conversions. Let get into the details!

Psychological approach

Copywriting and psychology…How is it interconnected? Does psychological trigger truly help in writing a copy that is persuasive?

To connect with digital users and keep them engaged, the knowledge of human behavior is said to help. Yes! It is generally said that, the more you understand your customers, the better your business will be. A basic understanding of consumer psychology is certainly a precious asset for marketers.

To hearten interaction with digital content, a copywriter should find out the motivations and probable behaviors of the user. He/she should be able to create visions and conceptions that channel the intended audience to the client’s desired goals and objectives. In order to execute this, one should apply the dynamics of human behavior and cognition to pool resources with both the Creative and Marketing departments. In order to make sure that it works; you need to analyze the performance of the content written through various means like Google analytics, together with other platforms that are dependent upon the understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics. Most importantly, you should also ensure that consumers receive digital content in the most advantageous contexts.

Linguistic approach

Scale up your digital marketing initiatives by bringing into play rhetorical techniques and trigger them correctly to have a more persuasive copy. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Make them feel – How can you make the reader feel your content? Go for active voice over passive voice. When you make use of active voice, you can always be concise, because you will be able to express action in fewer words. Seeing that, they are grammatically easier, the act of persuasion is more powerful and direct in active sentences. The transfer of a desired feeling onto readers is effective; however, remember it’s only going to work if you know what makes them tick.
  • Concentrate on the framing theoryFrames are nothing but abstractions that work to systematize or structure the meaning of a message. Give your data a positive frame because it is said to elicit the same and bring forth positive Negative frames will reduce intellectual capacity and degrade the impact of your message. Usage of negative frames is fine, but occasionally depending upon the type of message that you wanted to convey. But when it comes to writing a killing copy make sure that you tag along positive frames for the majority of your sentences.
  • Inculcate coherence markers– Coherence in composition plays a vital role in copywriting; not only does it helps in persuasion but also helps to boost clarity which is the key in content writing. There are three aspects that influence the coherence of a written piece which is word choice, paragraph structure, and the sentence. However, cultural knowledge, or understanding of the processes and natural orders on the regional and global levels, can also dole out as solid elements of writing. A majority of marketers tend to neglect the use of coherence makers for the reason that it does not add any semantic meaning. But, it is said to have a positive effect and you can make use of it in two ways namely referential coherence and relational coherence.

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