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Matt Cutts evaluation on the importance of body copy

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 copywriting

Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team recently posted a video emphasizing the importance of body copy on search engines as well as its impact on the customers.  Click and watch the video in the below mentioned link you would definitely admire the way how it is captured running inline to his illustration.


Matt Cutts description video

Head section

People who work having search engine as their domain definitely know lot of stuff and especially on the elements that forms the head section. Yes, it is obviously the Title tag and Meta description. Title tag includes title of the page and Meta description is usually the short description of the content on the page.

Matt Cutts view on body copy

Matt Cutts states that most site pages have body contents irrelevant to their head section. He also claims that only title tag and Meta description are valued more in highlighting the information rather focusing on the body copy. He insists to use keywords and phrases that target the potential audience and reinforce those key messages throughout the body that could keep the niche audience engage on track with your market goal. The relevant body content is one of the major and important scenarios to concentrate on in order to reach the niche audience.

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