Benefits Of Listing In Google Product Search

Google Product Search, also known as Froogle, Google Base, and Google Shopping, was established in 2002. Google Product Search is a price comparison service that allows consumers to evaluate products, prices, and descriptions through one easy search engine interface. It is a helpful resource for consumers and an influential tool for businesses looking to improve their product visibility and sales.

One reason that Google Product Search is so effective is because the majority of individuals in the U.S. use when initially searching for a product. According to research conducted in 2010, Google controls 65.1% percent of the total share of searches in the U.S. Since products from Google Product Search come up on the first page of organic search results, many consumers are expected to continue their shopping process using Google Product Search instead of clicking on an alternative link.

Benefits of Listing Products in Google Product Search for Sellers

Google's worldwide user base performs more than 150 million searches a day. This presents an enormous opportunity to users to introduce their products to customers across the world with minimum costs.

Inclusion in Google Product Search is absolutely free.

Advertising in Google Product Search is cost effective. Listing your products in Froogle is a MUST-DO free way to market to thousands of customers. Reaching these customers otherwise might cost you billions of dollars. By listing in Froogle you save a huge proportion of this money.

Influences your organic Google ranking.

You can introduce your products to customers across the world
Influences your organic Google ranking

Attract more probable buyers. Google Product Search helps you to reach shoppers while they are searching for product to buy on Google.

Submission of data feeds gives you time-sensitive control over current freshness, accuracy and latest price changes rather than waiting for Google spider updates. Data feeds can be submitted at any time but at least once a month to avoid automatic Froogle expiration.

Benefits of Listing Products in Google Product Search for Consumers

A key consumer benefit of these sites is the convenience factor whereby consumers can easily assess different product options from different retailers all at once through a single web site.

Sort items by price (low to high to high to low), brand, store, category, or relevance

You can read ratings and reviews of seller.

You can easily assess different product options
You can read ratings and reviews of seller

Google Product Search provides very specific results. They have even taken the time to pull the images of the products they are listing, giving it all a very shop search like feel.

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