Matt Cutts WordCamp Transcript Part-6

Thursday, August 27th, 2009 Matt Cutts Video Transcript

Life Hacker – Anybody knows him?

I don’t think you know him because you spend more time how to be more productive than the actual productive that you get. You like to read about productivity all the time ? big may these guys. Now that life hacker has time they have high quality tutorials and guides. Creative niche, man if you got one good idea that could take you so so, far. Love cats yeah rock on I made it that I love cats. Same way you should google all these stuff all the stuff in this slide ( slide here ) and look at them, these are some of the best ways to burn time in your life they write so funny. One says like they are having sex and their mother walks in and stuff and the other says they have one creative sense so that’s really, really fantastic. So people can draw but this guy can’t actually draw but he is really funny and he knows a lot of science and that kind of stuff and he can just create a niche. Open source can be a fantastic way to get links in my idea. Write a good project people will use it. Case of point wordpress, right? We know how many use word press these days. WordPress doesn’t need any PageRank has an amazing amount of PageRank. Like blogging so any of you guys are blogging this its cool. So some of you are blogging and you get a chance to get 3 or 4 good links while others are just sitting and watching. So did any of you guys imagine what you guys should do when you are in a recession? You should write about it. If you are too lazy you can just write whether you loved this camp or you just hate it. People will love lists so if you write a list of 11 reasons why wordcamp rules you can get links.

Create controversy if you want to write and be creative writing negative stuffs then its fine people are ready to take your negative energy and link to you. And you know twitter, facebook there are lot of people who get to know each other on these social networks and it can make a lot of difference. So I had the pleasure of speaking to you in this Wordcamp 2009 and one of my funnier paper glance was could you do a podcast. Everyone can do a podcast probably those people are downstairs listening to the other session. But the bigger question was should you do a podcast or should you do a video I bet your picture is hotter than that if you are 6 and above you do a video and if you are 5 and below you do a podcast right. I already said this is a very attractive audience so you are going to publish it on your video.


Now if you see this flip mobile phone, these flips are just couple 100 bucks ( dollars ) and you can make a video in 2 minutes and it can be any kind of creative as you want hot casting or podcasting I really recommend doing video these days because its not that much harder to make a video than it is in a podcast. And lot of people like watching videos this one is like around 15000 views in a day and we literally threw it up and this was just want tweet. I can post a video I didn’t even blog about this and yeah its really easy to do videos and you can drive a lot of attention to your site. And videos tend to rank pretty well in Google.

I am going to say you this I am not selling anything here I am here telling about wordpress not about blogger and I am not saying Google is the best always use Google go for Google. But there are few tools you need to know about ill just show you few of them. 1st up is website optimizer you should have already heard of them if you are already into power blogging you should try different types of templates and see which one works for you and see which one on investment gives you better conversion. Then you know about custom search engine then you know site search. Here are something very few people know, you can use these 2 tags it will help adsense in your blog post you can place it where ever you like, in archives or where ever you like. So if you are using adsense I highly recommend you add these tags around your post because your ads will become more targeted , people will click on your ad more and you can make more money.


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