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Advanced link checking strategies with Search Engines

Yahoo Backlink Checking Strategies

As we all know yahoo is the 2nd best search engine out there,their crawler is next to Google's crawler in actively crawling and indexing sites, let us look into link checking with yahoo. Yahoo Slurp (yahoo crawler) though active wont crawl as deeply into a site as googlebot ( google's crawler). So they miss a lot of links pages which are created specifically for link exchange purposes.

So even if yahoo is not evil in displaying random sampling of backlinks they dont show the backlinks from all the sites due to the lack of deep crawls.

Ok here are some typical ways to check backlinks in yahoo.There are 2 backlink checking commands in yahoo. One is the link:command and the other is the linkdomain:command.

link: - This command in yahoo displays links to the page.



  • link:

linkdomain: - This command in yahoo displays links to the entire domain.



  • linkdomain:

linkdomain: - This command in yahoo displays links to the entire domain.



  • linkdomain:

There are some advanced ways of using this command, We can exclude some site urls. Yahoo is very generous on these things.




The former will display links to site excluding the url mentioned in the -site. Suppose if you have not set any 301 redirect and the site has 2 versions.One without www version and the other with www version,then we have to check for both versions separately.

Search engines consider different from is because is considered as the sub domain of,To exclude this type of duplicate pages in the backlink checking we can use something like

Yahoo does allow queries with more than 10 words.Google has a restriction of queries with more than 10 words.This is a bad decision from google.There are many people who search with more than 10 words in the search query and those type of searches are cut down to 10 words. I say this because the following command will have more than 10 words in the search query.






The above search query will exclude same site links from the backlinks as well as any particular site you want to exclude from your backlinks. It is very useful especially if you want to exclude any site where you have bought text link ads or site wide links.

  • -inurl:keyword or keyword phrase

The above search will exclude any site from the backlink check which has the keyword or keyword phrase in the URL or their domain name

For Example

  • link: –inurl:froogle

The above search will exclude backlinks with the keyword froogle in their URL or domain name.

  • link: –inurl:blogger google

The above search will exclude backlinks with the keyword phrase blogger google in their URL or domain name.

  • link: -intitle:keyword

The above search will exclude sites with the particular keyword in their URL in the backlink checking,If the linking site has that keyword in their title then those sites will be excluded from the backlink search.

  • link: -intitle:google

The above search will exclude all back links with the word google in title

  • link: "keyword phrase"

The above search will return backlink pages with that particular keyword phrase in it.

  • link: "search engine company"

The above search will return backlink pages with search engine company in it.

MSN.COM Backlink Checking Strategies

Latest Msn link checking statergy

Like Google and Yahoo! MSN has very recently launched Backlink Checking Strategies. All the procedure involved in checking the backlink is similar to Google. Backlinks or inbound links are the links that summit to your website. The fame of your site will be arbitrated by number of back links pointing to it. This is done in a very efficient manner by MSN Webmaster tools.

These Backlinks can be checked through webmaster tools. To do so one must have an account in webmaster tools. After registering an account log in to webmaster tools. Click on that particular site to know the backlinks of a site. It will display all the backlinks of that site. Then click the number in backlinks column to view a sample list of links to that page. Through this webmaster tools we can know all the backlinks of our site. Webmaster tools aid us to know the backlinks of our site in a very effectual manner.

( MSN results are right now powered by yahoo, so most of the command used in yahoo will imply for MSN too, The 2 basic commands for backlink checking in MSN is link: and linkdomain:

Link: will display all links that MSN search knows for a particular page

Linkdomain: will display all links that MSN search knows for a particular domain.

Next important search engine we will see is, Alltheweb was a powerful search engine before it was aquired by yahoo, Now that it is owned by yahoo the results in is powered by yahoo, The important backlink command for is


The above command will display all links to that particular page,

GOOGLE – GOOGLE Link checking strategies

Latest google link checking statergy

More and more web masters are coming to the conclusion, considering the changes in Google’s algorithm which is more effective one in finding all the errors in a particular site. This helps the site to correct all the errors incurred in the site. Backlinks or inbound links are the links that point to your website. The popularity of your site will be judged by number of backlinks pointing to it. This is done in a very effective manner by Google Webmaster tools.

Backlinks can be checked by webmaster tools.For this we ought to have an account in webmaster tools. After registering in webmaster tools, we should login & to know the back links of a site, we ought to click on that particular site; it will display all the back links of a site & click the number in the External links column to see a sample list of links to the page. Webmaster tools display the total links of that particular site. By webmaster tools we can know the back links. Webmaster tools help us to know the back links of our site in a very effective manner.

(Ref: Last but not the least let us deal some strategies on link checking with google. Google as we all know is by far the best search engine out there. Still they dominate the search market and majority of the search users are google users. Most of the users prefer google to find information.They switch search engine only if they don’t find what they want in google.

Google’s crawler is the most active crawler out there in indexing sites.They run around indexing sites all the time.So they have the most up to date information of pages which are updated recently.So it simply means they know most of the links pointing to our sites.

Google’s backlink checking command is link: First check the backlinks of a site with the link: command


  • or link:

For Example

  • or link:

The above sample will show the backlinks to that page.

Next useful command is the intext:(search phrase in quotes)

Example: intext:"google the best search engine" will give results with the phrase google the best search engine anywhere in the text of the web pages. This is an other useful command to check the pages bearing our links


Search Engines keepchanging what they show in some advanced operators.This document cannot be the same all the time At the time of writing all the above syntax used are 100% perfect without any errors. But it might change as the search engines update them selves.This article is for education purpose only.

* This document is copyright ©, Reproduction is not allowed, but you are free to link to this document from any where on the web.


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