The merriment of the day started traditionally with the Christmas carols. The employees sang merrily going beyond their own religions. A true secular feeling arouse in every heart. The traditions and customs of our Christmas celebrations may vary but the festive feeling was same as anywhere in the world. It was a great party in which dancers of our company entertained the mass. The employees came in red and green matching the theme of our day. Everyone was happily moving inside the venue wishing each other and taking photographs for everlasting memories.


The thrill of Chrisma-Chrischild event remained till the suspense was broken. Everyone was told to take their gifts kept in the gift stall near the pretty Christmas tree. The mob rushed eagerly. We didn’t miss the surprised screaming and shocked hisses form the employees. Then each and everyone from the Search Engine Genie family were told to express their joy of this Christmas and the events of the company. We participated in their joy and appreciated everyone’s commitment and enthusiastic participation. How will our Christmas party be complete without the Santa? Yes. He was there at the end giving gifts that made us all excite with a child’s heart.


To be frank and real, Christmas celebration in Search Engine Genie was an unforgettable evergreen memory for anyone presented in the venue. The energy and enthusiasm of the day told us one clear fact: “Search Engine Genie will go places with this energy and team spirit”.



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