List of Top Search Engines

google search engine
Google is a now the largest search engine in the web, They are the leading provider of results and a recent stats they serve 85% search results, They make heavy use of link popularity as a primary way to rank web sites. Google also has a huge index of the web and provides some results to Yahoo and Netscape Search. Supplies search results for lycos, hotbot, aol, askjeeves, teoma, netscape, iwon and yahoo search engines. It receives search results from dmoz directory.


yahoo search engine
Yahoo is the web's most popular search service and has a well-deserved reputation for helping people find information easily. The secret to Yahoo's success is human beings. It is the largest human-compiled guide to the web, employing about 150 editors in an effort to categorize the web. Yahoo has over 1 million sites listed. Yahoo also supplements its results with those from Google (Google took over from Inktomi in july 2000). If a search fails to find a match within Yahoo's own listings, then matches from Google are displayed. Google matches also appear after all Yahoo matches have first been shown. Yahoo is the oldest major web site directory, having launched in late 1994. Receives search results from google and overture search engines.
Bing Search Engine

Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is the current web search engine from Microsoft. Microsoft's MSN Search service is a LookSmart-powered directory of web sites, with secondary results that come from AltaVista. RealNames and Direct Hit data is also made available. MSN Search also offers a unique way for Internet Explorer 5 users to save past searches. Receives search results from inktomi, overture and looksmart search engines.


aol search engine

The main listings for categories and web sites come from the Open Directory. Before the launch of AOL Search in October 1999, the AOL search service was Excite-powered AOL NetFind. Recieves search results from google search engine and dmoz directory.


atlavista search engine
AltaVista is consistently one of the largest search engines on the web, in terms of pages indexed. Its comprehensive coverage and wide range of power searching commands makes it a particular favorite among researchers.AltaVista opened in December 1995. It was owned by Digital, then run by Compaq (which purchased Digital in 1998), then spun off into a separate company which is now controlled by CMGI Receives search results from dmoz directory and overture search engine.


fast search engine

Formerly called All The Web, FAST Search aims to index the entire web. It was the first search engine to break the 200 million web page index milestone and consistently has one of the largest indexes of the web. FAST Search launched in May 1999. Supplies search results for alltheweb search engine and lycos search enigne.


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