20th Avatar of Panda – Panda #20

Friday, October 5th, 2012 Google

As expected Google threw another fireball this time with a different name called panda 20 and with a major impact. Yes this is the 20th avatar of Panda since its first release on February 24, 2011.As so they named it as panda 20 switching from panda 4.0. Whatsoever…Google launches and we land along with it. Google officially released this update nine days after his previous update 3.9.2 i.e. on September 27.

This avatar is likely to score the largest update algorithm of 2012. An ever powerful Google update that had an impact on 2.4% of English search queries and yet more. Google announced that they released out a new Panda algorithm update that isn’t just a mere data refresh like the previous updates but an algorithm update. The complete rollout of this update is still in process and expected to live over 3-4 days. Much noticeable variation seemed on the release of this update and a lot more expected after its complete rollout.

Google puts the webmaster in trouble to identify the reason for their traffic loss as Google rolled out a separate algorithm the EMD update. It’s a great headache for some site to identify whether their sites are affected by EMD or panda.

Whatever it might be, it seems Google won’t stop releasing his panda avatars. So abide by the panda rules, stay cool and always be ready to watch the panda next avatar.

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