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The Google Position Checker tool that we have developed will automatically query Google's search engines
Enter the website URL or your domain name here Enter the keyword or keyword phrase you want to check for rankings Select Google's Regional Domain
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SOS   Say's
Many thanks! It really saves me a lot of time. I am checking over 20 keywords for my website so i am very pleased with this tool. Greetings from Holland
September 26, 2015Posted On:  
Prinxess Rabi   Say's
I was searching for this tye of tool from last 3 years and now finally I found this.
August 22, 2015Posted On:  
DECON   Say's
Thanks a lot for such a wonderful tool, i just came to know saved me a lot of time now
August 4, 2015Posted On:  
Amit Kumar   Say's
Really It is unbelievable that this tool is showing almost every keyword position correct. I just tried this tool for and I become surprised ,its result were similar with the Google Webmaster data. Thanks for providing us this great tool.
March 24, 2015Posted On:  
Cognicao   Say's
soooo goooooooood
March 23, 2015Posted On:  
vikas dhariwal   Say's
nice website really help us..
February 1, 2015Posted On:  
It is my Will   Say's
wow this site is awesome, thanks do much for putting so much time into this. I just found out that my site is in the Google sand box, holy crap.
January 12, 2015Posted On:  
tas batik   Say's
very great tools, very helpful to optimize my website.
December 20, 2014Posted On:  
Mahir Ozden   Say's
Thanks for this nice and simple tool
October 27, 2014Posted On:  
ruhul   Say's
It is important tool for seo .
October 23, 2014Posted On:  

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