Adwords Automated Rules Improve Your Online Ad Campaigns

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 Adwords

Do you stay awake at night wondering where your bids are? Automated Rules, is a new AdWords feature accessible to US advertisers that lets you get the profit of 24-hour account management while leaving you free to focus on other important things. Managing an AdWords account to its full potential takes time – time that you could spend running other important parts of your business.

With automated rules, you’re able to make rules to automate bid, budget, and status changes on a specific part of your account (selected keywords, ad groups, campaigns, and ads) that are triggered at an exacting time. For example, automated rules could be created to do the following tasks:

  • Enable ads promoting a unique offer late on a Sunday night when the offer goes live
  • Automatically increase your bid to the first page CPC for all keywords in a campaign that contain the word ‘sale’
  • Generate more traffic on your peak shopping days by mechanically increasing your daily budget on Mondays and decreasing it on Wednesdays

There are some exceptionally cool features under this button! Advertisers can produce Rules for the following:

1.     Pause Keywords when they do not follow certain requirements

2.     Change max. CPC bids when certain requirements are met.

3.     Raise bids to first page CPC when needed.

4.     Create Rules for Ads to pause or enable ad text

This is an extremely helpful feature to help advertisers automate some of their work and likely a good place for discovery when reviewing log files to see the actions taken in the account. This feature will surely be reliable and useful for advertisers.

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