Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tips– A Helpful Guide for Local Businesses to Excel!

Friday, January 8th, 2016 Adwords, pay per click

Pay-Per-Click Ads can make a local business more successful if used in conjunction with the right advertising techniques. Read on to boost your local business appearance on Google!
In the era of the national brands dominating the web advertisements, local businesses still perform better online. In fact, the location-centric PPC ads yield outstanding results and outshine the ads which don’t have locations labeled on them. It clearly states that the customers find local companies more trustworthy. The local companies have their business in tune with the local requirements which is a competitive edge over the national competitors.
PPC Advertising Tips
To run a successful Pay-Per-Click AD campaign for your local brand, all you need is to carefully go through the below pointers. If implemented the way these tricks are mentioned could bring your business a serious return on investments. Let’s reveal the vital information below:

1.Create An Eye-Catching PPC AD:

The first and foremost thing is to make your Advertisement copy stand out. To add a chilling effect, you will need to make it direct and concise. Watch out if you are missing some crucial details before making it live. The best PPC ad must include the following details:

    • A Well-Expressed Headline!
    • 2 to 3 keywords In the Advertisement Content!
    • An Eyeball-Grabbing Call to Action!

2. Focus On Localizing Your Complete Web Content:

The moment a user clicks on your PPC advertisement, he wants to make sure that he has landed at the right place. The best way to make him feel good is to remind him that he is working with a local company and not any offshore business. To make it happen, you will need to specify your location on the home page, so that users can detect your business location after traveling all the way through landing pages to your website’s home page. It would assist you in reinforcing your credibility.

3. Location Extensions Are Need of The Times:

To grab the users’ attention online, local extensions best fit the purpose. For a local business, these serve as a boon and can help you make more visible to anyone driving through your city. The power of local extensions can be easily understood from the scenario when a person searching for a car wash in your city gets your address for a specific keyword. It will be a winning edge for your business if the Google Maps is showing your business as a result of the demand input by the user.

4. Track Your PPC Campaign Like A Spy:

An effective marketing is incomplete if you are not able to track the progress of your AD campaign. However, with the Google’s phone call extensions, the marketing campaigns can be easily adjusted for the best performance. This facility helps you in capturing the number of customers calling and the reasons to call. For instance, they might be calling you to check the prices of your products/services or to book an appointment with you. In this way, your business can be made more optimized as you can track down the keywords for which you are getting calls to your business.


These quick and effective PPC tips will help you make the most out of your local advertising campaigns. However, you should understand that PPC isn’t everything but organic search do. Therefore, to reach the masses and create your brand awareness, you should better be using a mix of both strategies. The day, you accomplish blending your solid PPC strategy with the effective organic search results, that day you will see yourself at the top of the first page on the Google.
Search Engine Genie has vast experience and rich history in making the PPC Ads more fruitful for the local businesses. We know what’s trending in the PPC Industry that could make our clients’ business perform better. Your key to getting high ROIs is just a call away!

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