Google is rolling out Panda 4.0 update starting today

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 Matt Cutts news

Matt Cutts tweeted that Google has released Panda 4.0 on 21st May 2014. The panda update is to avoid the low quality content site appearing in top search results of Google. First Google update rolled out on Feb 24 2011 followed by many major and minor update and even data refresh.

Google panda 4.0


After many monthly refresh, Panda 4.0 is considered as one of the major update. Google says that this update has varying influence on various languages. In English the impact is ~7.5%.

As a result of Panda 4.0, some major sites have moved down in SERP and some sites have seen improvement in ranking. As all know, Panda 4.0 mainly target the content. The sites with duplicate or syndicated content been hit and dropped down. On the other hand some sites that were previously punished by panda have seen a positive impact by this update. This means that they have started publishing their own quality content.

Panda 4.0 Update – Big Hit To Ebay

Ebay is the biggest loser, dropped for 33% of searches and no more in top 10 rankings. Not only ebay but also,,, and few more has been dropped in Google SERP

On the other side,,,, and few more sites are big winners that gained ranking by panda 4.0

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