Google slaps PostJoint network following MyBlogGuest

Monday, April 28th, 2014 Matt Cutts news

Guest Blogging in simple terms means presenting your blog post on someone else blog. Guest blogging was actually a handy tool to enhance the site traffic. Currently guest blogging has grown as a link building technique. Recently Google started penalizing the guest blog networks that are built mainly for seo.

Initially Matt Cutts, the head of Google spam team declared number of statements quoting that the guest blogging networks will be penalized. Here is Matt Cutts tweet on penalizing guest blog:

Matt Cutts Tweet

Following the announcement, there was a tweet from Ann Smarty confirming that MyBlogGuest was on the hit.  Just in next few days, PostJoint, the next foremost guest blog network was on fire.

As we all know, the bloggers involved in MyBlogGuest were penalized so it’s very possible to happen with the PostJoint. Even though there is no confirmation, it is still expected that the bloggers in the PostJoint network will be penalized.

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