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If somewhere you make a wish that your writing style becomes as a font style then this dream of yours can be full-filled here. We give you all the necessary guidance to make your wish turn out to be true.
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Only template files with the extensions .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, and .tiff are allowed.

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  • Your writing style becomes your own font style.
  • You can make your own writing fonts with more than 200 characters.
  • It just takes 15 minutes to generate.
  • You can make endless types of fonts.
  • Work with your fonts on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • With this you can give a digital look to your scrapbook pages and unique& outstanding invites.
  • With this you can create your own "FONT HISTORY" on your PC.
  • You can use them in programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and many more.
  • This dream of yours can turn out to be true only with $4.95.
Are you ready to Create Your Own Font? What you are waiting for?

Please follow the following steps to create your own font:

Step 1 -> Using Print template, download the Image file or PDF file to Write your own fonts in the Sheet given or use the Image editor software to draw the letters directly.

Step 2 -> In the finalizing Template option, know the Do’s and Dont’s which is shown in the easily understandable image format.

Step 3 -> Once the template is ready, go to the Scan & save Option and read the Guidelines given so that your template will be acknowledged correctly. Then scan the template and save it in your system.

Step 4 -> Before the last step, go to the Upload template option to fill the appropriate information and upload your template.

Step 5 -> After uploading the template, make payment for your font in the option Download.

Step 6 -> We will send you the font file within 30 minutes. Install your font in your system and make use of it.

Print Template

The initial step to be taken in creating a font style you have to do is take a print of the template. This template is accessible in two different formats:

•  PDF document

•  An image

The preferred format is the PDF document, as with it you can make use of maximum size of your paper.

Template as PDF document (opens in a new window)

The two image files:

Template as image1 (opens in a new window)

Template as image2 (opens in a new window)

These images can as well be used to sketch the letters straight into your image editing software, so by any chance if you do not posses a printer or scanner you are still able to create your own fonts. This moreover permits you to write in the characters by means of a tablet.

Prior to you start on with your writing, kindly go on to the step 2 and study the instruction about how to fill the template .

Finalize Template

Use an apt pen like a black permanent marker of a normal or medium thickness to give your writing style an astonishing look! Be conventional that your characters fit into your selected cells.

The characters which you put forward on the template are added to the font style, so work on it prior to writing it down. If you don't wish for to draw attention to any character, you can leave out page 2 of template.

All cells include a horizontal guiding principle that direct you to write the characters in precise magnitude, and in the finest possible spot in each cell.

An analogy of do's and don'ts are show below to make your work perfect



Scan & Save Template

Once you are done with creating a template of your own, scan it completely. The software provided by your scanner manufacturer can do this job. You can opt for any other software that can recognize your scanner. Your template will be successfully approved if you follow the steps listed below.

• Apply only the template in our site and avoid uploading photos of any kind.

• Ensure that your letters’ are written only within the cell’s outline.

• Make sure that the scanner bed is dust free.

• Place the template correctly on the scanner bed.

• Choose the appropriate page orientation.

• Scan only in grayscale (8-bit ) and color (24-bit), never in clack and white (1-bit)

• We recommend you to scan with 300dpi as resolution so that high quality fonts can be produced.

• Include all borders in the template and do not clip (crop) the scanned image.

• The grid lines should be evidently noticeable. This will lead to production of clear fonts.

• Now, save the scanned template as .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, or .tiff file only. .pdf, .doc and .bmp will not be accepted.

Preview Template

Please click upload template button and upload your images. Once the images are uploaded please click send and we will recieve your scanned images. After we recieve the images and payment we will process the font for you. Currently Preview option is not available. In future we will give you the option to preview your fonts before making payment.

Download Template

Please click on the "Buy Now" button, to complete your purchase. Your font will be delivered in less than 30 minutes, once you are redirected back to us after payment. We will send you an email when the font is ready for you to download.

Install Your Font

Make use of your font by installing it. After installation process your font style becomes accessible to every applications (including but not limited to most word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphic design programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) on your computer.

Windows font installation instructions

Open your "Control Panel" (under Start->Settings).
Double-click "Fonts" classification .
Select "Install New Font..." from File menu.
Browse to the location where you have placed the font file.
Select "Your font (TrueType)" from the window.
Click on the Ok button.

Note: If you are reinstalling the font, it is required you uninstall and delete the font BEFORE installing the new version. Sometimes a reboot is required as well.

Macintosh font installation instructions (Mac OS X)

Find your font file in the Finder
Double-click the font file icon
Font Book display's the font
Click the Install button
Note: In order to make use of the newly installed font, some applications require you to reboot your Mac.

Linux font installation instructions

Find out the default font installation directory (usually /usr/share/fonts/truetype/)
Copy the font file to that directory
Rebuild the font folder index
Update the font cache (e.g. fc-cache)

Note: Some of the above instructions may require root privileges. Font installation may vary per Linux distribution.

From the day computers started to become popular the word “font” has been used anywhere and everywhere. Now it’s part of everyone’s life. I personally like fonts and always play with them whenever I get time. I use fonts in MS word, word pad and in my designing software. Some fonts look very elegant and some are funky. I still remember my first client asked me to download an online font which was sold for 9.95$ per font. So you can imagine someone buying a font for 10$ when there are 1000s of fonts available for download for free.
So yes there are people out there who still buy fonts if you can create some interesting, quality and elegant font then you can attract 1000s of buyers and can make 100s of dollars.

Html pages are enhanced by formatting with good and elegant looking fonts. We can generate fonts easily these days. Font generators are available both online and offline. An online cheap font generator like this one helps you get your own font for your life for just 5$. If you have heard of the term CSS (Cascading style sheets) I am sure it brings a lot of excitement in you because it’s a powerful way of decorating your fonts on an html page. If you want to find free fonts go type in free fonts in Google search engine and you will come across 100s of free fonts. But getting a font for you for a cheap price is always exciting. Cheap font generator offers you an opportunity to buy your own fonts for a throw away price.

Blood fonts: We can help you create something called blood fonts. Blood fonts are fonts that makes itself look scary. People tend to use them more during Halloween times. They like to use blood fonts on their Halloween cards.

LED fonts: LED ( Light emitting diode ) that is the common term we use for LED. Well we have LED fonts. These type of fonts are cool and can be used anywhere in your document. It looks like digital characters. You can create LED fonts using our font generator.

Multi-colored fonts, large fonts, small fonts everything can he created from the cheap font generator. All you do is draw your own font whichever way you like and we can make them work for you.

Text font generator and free font generator are two common phrases used by people to find font generators. But what’s the idea behind free font generator. The fact is free font generator is actually free but consumes a lot of your time and resources. If you can buy the same font for 4.99$ then why worry about free font generators which are too much waste of time. When I first used a free text font generator it took me more than 3 hours to create my first font. Well I make 2500$ a month and if you divide by hours I actually spent 50$ to make a single font for me. I hope you understand now free word font generators are just wasting your valuable time. Even your kids can create fonts from our font generator. I hope you give it a try and I am sure you will come back for our cheap font generator.

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