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QRCode generator and scanner tool that we have developed is used to encode any information to two -dimensional bar Code. This tool also helps to convert two-dimensional bar code to information stored in it by just uploading the QRCode image.


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Our QRCode Genertaor and Scanner Tool is 100% free to use.

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QRCode Generator and Scanne Tool

QRCode - a two dimensional bar code consists of information that can be used for quick recognition whenever required. This barcode cannot be understood by seeing because it is a box with black and white dots. This tool is very useful to store information in one image with less storage capacity. It can have any information such as website link, address details, email details; wifi details and many as such.  

You just need to select the option according to your requirement and enter the information in textboxes. Second step is to click the button and Qr code image will be generated. This image can be saved by right click and 'save as' and it will be saved according to your folder given. The important feature of this tool is to scan the Qr code image and get the information from it. Thus, those who want the information from Qr code can also be done using scan option on this tool.     

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