E-mail Obfuscator ToolE-mail Obfuscator Tool
The E-mail Obfuscator Tool that we have developed is an online tool for webmasters that obfuscates e-mail addresses that you enter, making them less vulnerable to spammers who use e-mail harvesting software, also called spam-bots.
E-mail Obfuscator generates source code for a link in two ways, without using JavaScript code and by using JavaScript code. You can just copy and paste it in your site as you prefer.

Obfuscate Email-Id Generator Tool
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The Code to be added in your site is:
Your link will look like this: E-mail Obfuscator Tool

Email Obfuscator Tool

Email Obfuscator Tool is an online tool used to obfuscate emails as posting an email with clear characters makes spammers to get ease access to your account. Users when posting their email address on a public page it is mandatory to obfuscate it, else it could likely invite spambots to add you to their database. It is stated that 90% of successful spam happens on online and hackers could easily gain access to all your services even if one site is compromised. The tool what we have developed generates code for both users and non users of JavaScript. We provide easy accessibility to use this tool, enter your email address in the below given upper box and click on ‘obfuscate’. The obfuscated address link will be generated instantly. 

Your entered email address will not be saved or stored by this tool .The tool is completely free to use and requires no registration or signup which makes the process quick and feasible. In case you need further assistance in knowing about Email Obfuscator  Tool, feel free to contact us and send suggestions about this tool. Each suggestion will be respected and valued.      

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