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Link extractor tool will display all the links of a given webpage. The result will vary, based on the user choice. The option provided, are all links, internal links and external links. The advanced feature of this tool is apart from URL, it also displays information like various attributes of anchor tag, anchor text and html code of an individual link. This additional information also depends on user choice.
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Link Extractor Tool

Link extractor tool, which we have developed, is user friendly and simple to use. The reason behind this is, user is given different option to check all links of a given webpage. First feature is, user have an option to select between internal and external links. Second feature, they get additional information of an individual link like, various anchor tag attributes, anchor text and many more. This tool is useful while analyzing the SEO of a webpage.

Enter the webpage in the given textbox; select the option between internal, external or all link radio buttons. Then check the checkboxes, which you feel is required and click submit. Thus, the result will be shown based on your requirements. Therefore, this tool is free to use.

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