Case Change ToolText Case Change Tool
This tool changes the string as per the selection of the radio buttons

Convert Strings to Upper Case
Convert Strings to Lower Case
Capitalize First Letter of Each Word
Capitalize First Letter of Each Sentence
Randomize the Text

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Case Change Tool

Text Case change tool is one of the important text tools of SEO. Website owners know the significance of how content quality plays a vital role in boosting their PageRank.  The combined chunk of sentences form a content and based on the fields there are some sentence rules to be complied. Title casing and sentence casing are the two important document type heading case followed in most of the online e-books and this tool helps in converting case of the sentences according to the user’s wish.

Text Case Change Tool provides various options of changing the case of your text/sentence that include converting string to upper case/lower case, capitalizing the first letter of each word/sentence and randomizing the text. Just enter your text or sentence in the below given box and select your desired option by clicking next to the choices. You will instantly get the text that has been modified with the appropriate casing.

The tool is completely free to use and in case you need further assistance in knowing about this Text case change tool, feel free to contact us and send suggestions about this tool. Each suggestion will be respected and valued.     

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perfect work with internet world
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This is a great tool and it completes each task perfectly
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