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Html to JavaScript converter takes the html code and converts them into a series of JavaScript statement. Apart from markup code, text can also be used as an input that will result a block of JavaScript code. This tool is free and very useful, that will convert and escape all troublesome parentheses, single quotes, double quotes issues, while creating strings in JavaScript.
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Our HTML to JavaScript Converter Tool is 100% free to use.

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HTML to JavaScript converter is a beneficial tool, as it converts the given markup code to JavaScript statements. If you have ever tried to add some normal text into a JavaScript variable, you will know how frustrating it is, if we miss even one ‘\’ or ‘break line’ or script tag. In that case, html to js converter tool can be used, as it results the code without any frustrations and issues.

Enter the text or Html markup in the textbox that has to be converted and click Html-> JavaScript button, the result will be displayed in just a click. This code can be used whenever required, in less time using this tool. Another important functionality of this tool is, even normal text can be converted to series of js statements. It is free and easy to use.

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