Remove Duplicate KeywordsRemove Duplicate Keywords
The tool "Remove duplicate keywords", which we have developed, is useful for the SEO analyst, as it deletes all the duplicate keywords and displays the unique one. The advanced feature of this tool, user has beign given an option of arranging the keywords alphabetically and makes all words first character uppercase. It also shows, the count of keywords before and after removing.

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Remove Duplicate Keywords

Remove duplicate keywords tool is developed, by user point of view. It is simple and easy to use tool. It will remove all duplicate keywords and display the result. Additionally, user has an option of choosing to either result the keyword in alphabetical manner or not. The first character of all keywords can also be converted to uppercase, if they are not.

Enter the keywords, or copy paste in a textarea given and select the option according to your requirement and click submit. Therefore, result will be shown based on your option selected. This tool is beneficial, while analyzing the keywords of a website.

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