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This Spider Test Tool lets you know the page size, source code, Meta tags, page title, textual copy of the page, keyword breakdown by density (including 2 and 3 word phrases), number of words, number of unique words, and outbound links on a page. Enter the URL on the blank line and clicking on Go, shows you the source code of a page, all outbound links, and common words and phrases.
Enter URL: (Eg: http://www.website.com/page.html)
Shows the source code of a page, all outbound links, and common words and phrases.
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Spider Test Tool

Spider Test Tool tests the effectiveness of your page of how it will get indexed by the crawler and whether the website appeals in a fine way that it can be read and interpreted by search engines effectively. The Google spider is actually meant for monitoring sites regularly to check on their updates. The tool tests the structure of contents exactly how the spider would process it. This gives an insight about how your website will be seen by Google spider and crawlers. We provide easy accessibility to use this tool, just copy and paste the below illustrated code in your site. You can also separately get your domain or website URL checked by entering it in the below mentioned box.

The tool also gives an idea to locate the position of the website or link where it will be ranked on the search engines once after getting crawled. For getting access to this tool, no separate account is needed. The tool is completely free to use and requires no registration or signup which makes the process quick and feasible. In case you need further assistance in knowing about the Spider Test Tool, feel free to contact us and send suggestions about this tool. Each suggestion will be respected and valued. 

Narayan Gautam   Say's
May 3, 2014Posted On:  
shivam   Say's
its g8
March 11, 2014Posted On:  
Prisma Safa   Say's
Nice! Quite useful tools you have here on the site, but need to improve their performance.
January 10, 2014Posted On:  
jockie harley   Say's
good tool
December 14, 2013Posted On:  
mempal   Say's
hi nice tools for check outbound links of site that is really Great thanks for providing this
November 10, 2012Posted On:  
Eddy Purnomo   Say's
Thanks has been given an opportunity, exceptional web
October 27, 2012Posted On:  
Jhon Guru   Say's
Great tool. I use it to track my web site.It helps me alot. Keep up the good work guys.
October 23, 2012Posted On:  
supun chandrarathana   Say's
itz great thanks
July 6, 2012Posted On:  
JK Asad   Say's
Excllint tools for Spider Test
July 5, 2012Posted On:  
Pavanan M   Say's
it is a very nice tool, i am using this site for improving my SEO jobs..
October 25, 2011Posted On:  

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