Nofollow Links Finder-Checker ToolNofollow Finder-Checker Tool
This nofollow finder tool that we have developed allows you to examine whether nofollow links are present on any given page.
Separate Url's By comma (,) and only 10 Url's can be checked at a time.

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Nofollow Finder-Checker Tool

Nofollow finder checker tool helps users to determine whether any of their web pages or host site possesses nofollow links. If your site links to 5 internal pages of your own site and to 5 other pages on different sites, then totally it means you have 10 outbound links. When other websites links to your home page, this is considered as your inbound link. Whenever search engine crawls your index page it ranks your page based on the traffic and quality of the total inbound and outbound links. If your site has many number of nofollow links, the crawlers will not include those links while indexing and also those links are not considered into effect in determining the ranking of your page. This leads to poor earning quality of web traffic to your page. 

The tool what we developed will automatically check for number of nofollow links for the entered website. Based on the results you can analyze whether the link will cause any impact to your website. The tool is completely free to use and In case you need further assistance in positioning your website through No follow Checker Tool, feel free to contact us and send suggestions about this tool. Each suggestion will be respected and valued.     

vinay kumar   Say's
Nice back link checker tools !
September 16, 2014Posted On:  
electronics projects   Say's
Very helpful.
August 15, 2014Posted On:  
Amit   Say's
thanks for sharing this post.....
June 28, 2014Posted On:  
vinay kumar   Say's
thanks for sharing back link checker tools !
April 9, 2014Posted On:  
Mathew   Say's
This simple tool is really helpful. I bookmarked it and use it always. My Site
November 1, 2013Posted On:  

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