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The Broken Link Checker Tool that we have developed helps to check for Broken Links on a website. Broken links are links that direct nowhere; Clicking on the link will show an error page.

Url (Ex :
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Our Broken Link Checker Tool is 100% free to use. Please support this tool by linking to it.

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The Code to be added in your site is:
Your link will look like this: Broken Link Checker Tool

If you are a regular user of this tool for your website please support us by linking to it, We know people do 100s of query per day and don't care to support us. If you cant support us we can't continue to keep this tool Ad free. We are not like others. There are other tool providers we know of who have the same tools we have but like to charge more than 40$ a month just to use them.

We know others who just restrict the usage of tools like 10 queries per hour or 30 queries per day. We never do that or will ever want to do that. But to make this tool Ad free you must support this tool by linking to it. Links bring more attention to our tools and more backlinks. We just want that. We are working hard everyday to bring new tools to our list. We currently have more than 50 tools and the list will keep expanding and one point we are planning to give anywhere between 75 to 100 tools for free.

Remember that all the queries you make uses our server resources and we don't want to restrict anyone from doing it but make sure you link to us which makes us Happy in providing these tools always free and makes us eager to make more tools.

Sara Browne   Say's
Hi All, Here is very awesome link checking tool that is for free without any trial to use. This free link checker tool helps you in finding the 301/302 and 404 broken links on your website. No matter how many links you have. Just download this simple link checker tool for free without any trial and start using it.
November 3, 2013Posted On:  
vipul   Say's
nice tool helped me a lot
August 30, 2012Posted On:  
Johan   Say's
Thanks for your site the tools are realy a help. Link added to your site. Regards Johan (South Africa)
March 5, 2011Posted On:  

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