SEO Statistics WidgetSEO Statistics Widget
The SEO Statistics Widget that we have developed will automatically query you all the information about your url from n number of searchengines in the world. It shows your site pagerank in a graphical format.

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SEO Statistics Widget

To use this tool all you need to do is just to enter your website address ex: The results would be displayed on the next page with just one click.

GBL: Google BackLinks: This data shows the number of backlinks reported for your site in Google. Google don't show all your backlinks so there is nothing to freak-out. Yahoo reports better backlinks.
GIP: Google Indexed Pages: This data shows the number of pages indexed by Google for your website. Our tool will update your number of pages indexed every week and will report current status for your website.
YBL: Yahoo Back Links: This data shows the number of backlinks you site has according to yahoo. Yahoo's data is more reliable than Google and currently Yahoo is the only search engine to show any sort of decent backlinks to your website.
YIP: Yahoo Index Pages: This data shows the number of pages indexed for your site by yahoo search engine's crawler yahoo Slurp. Yahoo updates their index once a week and we will do the same when you use our widget.
MIP: MSN Indexed Pages: MSN now called live search is one of the top 3 search engines according to market share. MSN is currently in 3rd position only next to Google and Yahoo. It's very important to know how your site performs in MSN Live search. Our search engine widget will give you up to date information of the number of pages indexed by yahoo crawler.
ALR: Alexa is the No.1 site in internet to value a website. They use various sophisticated methods to judge the value of a website. It's important to have decent Alexa rankings. Any ranking in top 100,000 is worthwhile. Our tool will update every week to give you the latest Alexa rankings for your website.
ATW: All The Web indexed pages. is an other search engine mostly powered by yahoo. It has its own set of loyal users it will be good to know the number of pages indexed in Alltheweb search engine too.
AVI: AltaVista Indexed pages: was once the industry leader in search. After a buyout by yahoo it's now used by a small amount of search users. But they have some great features very useful for webmasters. A site performing in top 10 search engines is best for internet. Altavista is one of the top 10 search engines and it's good to know how your site is being indexed in Altavista.

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thank you from Bali, this information about backlink is so usefull
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Bali Tour   Say's
it so help me, thank you very much
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is good i like in your web
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Thank you for service. 5 stars
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I hope this tool very usefull
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thanks for information
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its very nice and best checker
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Thanks for a good service
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I hope this tool very usefull
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