CSS and JS MinifierCSS And JS Minifier Tool
Css and js minifier tool that we have developed helps in optimizing css and js code by removing unnecessary comments, spaces and many from code. This will decrease file size, thus storage capacity will be reduced. Enter the code you want to minify and Click submit, the result will be displayed with compressed file size.

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Our css and js minifier Tool is 100% free to use.

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Your link will look like this: CSS and JS Minifier Tool

CSS and JS Minifier Tool

CSS and JS Minifier Tool is the important aspect of any website as it has direct impact to page speed. This tool minifies code according to option selected and reduces file size. This tool minifies in such a manner that empty spaces, newlines, comments are removed from the code. Thus page speed is increased and boosting the performance of the website.  

Enter code in textarea, select the language that has to be minified, choose options according to your requirements and then click submit. Once the button clicked result is displayed with minified version. Code can be copied from the result textbox or download option can be used. The other feature mentioned is the file size of code given and minified code. Based on this optimized percentage of given code can be identified.  

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