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This Google Banned Site Checker helps you to check if your website is been crawled or banned by Google. Enter the URL of the website in the blank field and on clicking SUBMIT a page pops up showing if the website is crawled or banned by google.
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Google Banned site Checker tool helps you to know if your website exists or is banned by Google.If your site has no reason to get banned and your site is new then this tool simply helps you to know whether the site has been crawled by Google. When a website is being visited by Google and if it finds anything relevant it keeps the particular page as its back up Thus giving an indication that the website could be informative.

Google Banned site Checker is an innovative tool that can help you save your time. Many sites are being banned because they copy the same content on multiple pages to get page views. Another way where the website gets banned is cloaking i.e. designing the website in such a way where Google views the website in one way and the netizens have the website being displayed in another way. Further reasons in which there are chances your website may get banned is hiding the keywords such that the background color and the font color matches, this is referred to as Keyword Stuffing or Font Matching.

To use this tool all you need to do is just to enter your website address ex: The results would be displayed at the top of the pane with just one click.

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ali   Say's Your Site Is Banned In Google. :D WWW.HOLYWEB.IR
June 24, 2014Posted On:  
Adi   Say's
Can you tell me why all blogspot sites I checked are banned even though when I checked in google they have already been in page one of google ?
May 31, 2014Posted On:  
VERIK   Say's
SA the site is not banned. How to test baning?
April 11, 2014Posted On:  
ldii   Say's
Alhamdulillah our Site Is Not Banned In Google. Thank you for providing this facility.
October 29, 2013Posted On:  
asghar ali   Say's
Thank you for providing this facility to check whether your site is banned or not.
August 5, 2012Posted On:  
Gerry   Say's
Can you tell me more about this? Is it banned or what? How do you have it crawled?? www.rcmodel-airplanes Your Site Is Banned In Google (OR) Your Site not yet Crawled by Google

Admin : Hi Gerry... Please provide a valid url... Your url is not valid.....
October 27, 2011Posted On:  
nurhamzah   Say's
November 7, 2010Posted On:  
Marangu luxury shuttles   Say's
Thank you for accepting my site to rank with google, please add all pages and index them, rank them all
November 28, 2009Posted On:  

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