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Four important strategies for pay per click

Written by seg @ 9:05 PM permanent link on Monday, October 26, 2009 | Post a Comment |

1. same size and ads doesn’t fit all
2. keyword planning
3. think about your bidding strategies
4. optimize for success

Same ads don't fit all:
It is not necessary that taking same keywords and ads from Adwords will fit every one in the same manner and pour in conversions. They might not deliver the same results. Your ads needs to be more persuasive and real in order to drive traffics and clicks. Special offers and promotion in your ad will have more effect than an ordinary ad in order to drive traffics and clicks. The basic objective of your ad should be to attract buyers and make them click on your ad.

Keyword planning:

Keyword planning is very important for your PPC ad campaign as it helps to drive traffic. We should know which keyword is most appropriate to get conversions. Proper research should have been done before setting up the keywords for your campaign. Keyword plays a most important role in your PPC ad campaign. Also make sure to set up negative keywords which mean you don’t want your ad to be displayed when the particular keyword is searched on the search network or content network.

Think about your bidding strategies:

While bidding your ad make sure you bid it more effectively in order to appear on the first page of the search networks and content networks. As the importance of ad appearing on the first page carry more weight age than on any other ad which will in turn help you to drive traffic and clicks. Recent analysis also says that 90 percent of clicks come from ads in the top three positions in listings.

Optimize for success:

The success of your ad is measured by the volume of traffic your ad gets from day to day and also volume of clicks you receive. As result regular optimization is required in order to get best out of your search and maintain the quality of your ad campaign. Regular optimization is best way to track the success of your ad campaign because this helps us to know at position our ad is and what are the necessary changes need to be done in order to make ad more effective.

These are the four strategies for PPC marketing which will help you to plan and run your ad effectively on the Adwords or any other search marketing engines

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thanks for sharing the four strategies to run ppc campagin more effectively. I too agree with all the four strategies as it really help to run your ppc campagin effectively. keep posting more.

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