Headlines play a vital role

Sunday, December 6th, 2009 SEO copywriting
In any marketing piece, headline should be given utmost importance. Creating a headline swipe file makes good sense.

What a good headline is supposed to achieve?

  • Attract attention of your prospect.
  • It should deliver a understandable message.
  • It should enable the prospect to read your article.
  • Prospect should understand what’s in it for him.
In most of the advertising materials you’ll see that their are several sub-headlines in the copy. Make sure that sub-headlines fit the parameters above.

Some ideas as how to start a headline

  • Do you struggle with….
  • Discover…..
  • 10 ways to……
  • Learn exactly How…..
  • 7 Amazing strategies to…..
  • A Guide to…..
  • 7 Sure-Fire Tips for….
  • Tips on…..
  • Learn how to start…..
  • 10 Steps to…..
  • 5 Action Ideas to Get….
  • The 7 Secrets to…..
  • Learn how to Explode…..
  • Proof that….
  • Uncover….
By using these headlines you can create great article and advertising headlines. These are just a few examples. If you have more interesting headlines let us know.

Increase traffic of real estate websites through article marketing

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 copywriting, creative writing, SEO copywriting
Real estate investors can increase traffic of their website through article marketing. Article marketing is extremely powerful and can give you following advantages:
  • Increase traffic in your website
  • Authority and expertise in your niche
  • Your site will get powerful one way back links
  • Exposure
  • High search engine rankings for very competitive terms
There are endless advantages of article marketing. If you write a short 300 word article and then post it on an article website you can get various benefits. If you write a real estate article, then within hours your website and name can be seen on the first page for your keyword phase.

Write articles based on your area of expertise. For instance, if you know about foreclosure niche, then write articles on foreclosure subject, how people can save their house from foreclosure etc.

Always write an article in conversational manner. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Remember few points before writing an article:

  • Find out at least 1-3 keyword phrase before starting an article
  • Pick one main keyword phrase and use it in your article title.
  • Add the selected keyword phrase in the body of the article.
  • If you have 100 words in your article, you should mention the keyword at least 3-5 times in the article.
  • Add keywords in your keyword tags and resource box. Each article directory has a keyword tag and resource box. Add those keywords there.
There are hundreds of article directories but the most important ones for real estate business are ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, articlebase.com, articlealley.com and webpronews.com.

Amazing strategies of SEO Copywriting

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 copywriting
Quality copywriting is critical to successful SEO. If you want your blog or website to be successful you need to improve your writing or die trying. There are some tried and try rules of writing for SEO.
  • First effective rule that you must follow for effective SEO campaign is research your keywords.
  • Second rule is start off the first sentence of your content with your top keywords. This will reinforce the subject of your page and help the search engines to learn what your page is about.
  • Next important rule is bold the keywords in your content with the strong tag. Don’t overdo it.
  • If you link to other content on your site it will make your content more valuable by extending the experience of your subject. Make sure to use your keywords as the link text as well.
  • While writing ask yourself if the sentences read naturally. If not, then you need to get creative.
  • Try to edit your content and keep it brief. Try to keep your content concise and limit your page length. Keep your pages limited to around 500 words.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.

Article marketing tips

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 SEO copywriting
Article marketing is considered an excellent strategy as it helps in increasing traffic for your website and helps in selling more products. Here are some article marketing tips that may help you in writing some killer articles.

Write a killer title:

It is very important to write an effective title for your article. Try to write keyword rich title to have a successful campaign. Even if you have written some good content people will never read it if your title is boring and doesn’t correctly convey the subject of the title. If you want people to click on your title so that they can read your article, try to give them something valuable and enticing. Another thing to remember is your title must have keyword. If your article doesn’t have keyword in it, your article won’t be indexed highly by search engines.

Make it easy to read:

Your article should be structured in such a manner that it should be easy to read. To have a successful article marketing make sure that the information readers are looking for can be easily read and found. Use subheadings, bullet points whenever possible to build an article structure that is easy to read and scan.

Provide Valuable information:

To have a successful article marketing campaign, make sure that your article is valuable and informative. You can gain a lot of traffic for your website if you can provide information for what people are looking for.

Hook Readers in the Summary:

Most of the times potential readers will read only your summary or first paragraph, so you should make sure that its both catchy and memorable so that you can hook them into reading the entire article.

FTC to fine bloggers – 11,000$

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 copywriting

In the latest ruling FTC is going behind bloggers who write endorsing a product but never reveal how much they paid to review / endorse the product. Many people think most of the reviews online are natural they are not as the FTC points out. People just review products or product sites by taking money.
There are many influential writers whose words are taken pretty seriously. So if a blogger writes about a product people actually believe it and buy them. Now the new ruling by FTC clearly says all bloggers who write endorsing a product much disclose how much payment they took for it.
Guy kawaski when ever he writes about a car release he gets free ride for a week or even a month with all expenses paid. You can read his blog for more information.Social media has taken a long stride and is now an important part of advertising online. Even Google has planned to include twitter updates in its search results same way it does to digg or other social bookmarking tools.Lot of consumers have complained with lack of transparency when it comes to online reviews i hope this new rule will bring more disclosures.

How to write humorously

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 creative writing

There are several techniques that you can use so that people can smile while reading your article.

  1. Make fun of yourself. Your readers will laugh with you. This applies to making fun of your paraphernalia as well- parents, spouses, children, dogs and fish.
  2. Generalizations can be funny, but specificity is better
  3. Apply funny word, phrase or sentence at the last possible moment. You can force a pause before the punch line by starting a new paragraph.
  4. A single word can be very funny. It may be the way they sound or how they are spelled can make a person laugh. For example, destroy is routine but pulverize is hilarious. Surprise is ordinary but flabbergasted is priceless
  5. Swipe file is one of the best tools for anyone who writes. A swipe file is a collection of marketing messages, headlines, techniques etc. There is no plagiaristic aspect to a swipe file.
  6. It is very difficult for most of us to be funny. Use the rules above to make it better. Then do it again. When you think you’re done, ask a friend to read it, silently, in your presence.

How to write an effective press release for your site?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 content, copywriting, creative writing

SEO press release is a way to deliver series of new events taking place within your company. But SEO press release should be written in such a way that it will rank well in search engines for your keywords and your website will get important backlinks that can increase your position in search engine rankings.

Many people think that press release is old and boring marketing method. This was in the past. But today’s press releases are lot more fun. You can include video, links, pictures, social media buttons and more.

SEO Press Release Writing:

Step 1: Identify keywords

Before writing a press release, find out important keywords. If you’re writing for a site and haven’t found keywords you can find them by using Google AdWords Tool.

Elements of a Press Release:

5 important parts of a press release are as follows:

Title: Include keyword phrase in the title. Title should not exceed 100 characters.

Summary: Give a general idea about the press release in 1-2 sentences. Length summary should not exceed 240 characters.

Body: Body should be written in form of third person. Length should be at least 300 words. Do include 1-2 quotes and 3-4 keyword phrases.

About the Company: Write about your company in 2-3 sentences. Include a link to your homepage in the summary.

Press contact: Do add name, address, phone, Email and website name in the press release. Most of the press release publishers may not accept your submission without contact details.

Step 2: Optimizing the Title:

When creating a title you have to remember two things.

  • Position your search term
  • Make an appealing clickable title

The title of the press release often becomes the title tag. The title of the press release is going to be in big bold letters on the search term.

Step 3: Optimizing the Summary:

Most of the press release websites may ask for a summary of your press release. Try to give additional keyword phrases in the summary that are different than those in the title so that you can maximize exposure of those phrases.

Step 4: Optimizing the body of the Press Release:

Remember these points while optimizing the body of the press release:

  1. Avoid including date so that information doesn’t seem outdated.
  2. Some of the PR publishers allow an image. Before putting an image in the press release get approval from the client can they put that image?
  3. Some PR distributors accept anchor text, others only allow http://links. If they allow anchor text, you can delete http://links. Any type of link, try to make it appear in the first half of the press release because readers tend to spend shorter time reading press release.
  4. Include at least one quote.
  5. Try including three different anchor text links in three different keywords. One of the keywords should be linked to the internal page of the site, not homepage.
  6. Always include http:// when writing URLs. If you leave this link will not be clickable in the published press release.

Step 5: Write press release:

Press release has a flavor, style that differs from other types of published media. We can talk about,

  • Press release topics:

Many clients think they don’t have anything newsworthy to talk about. But if you go through the site properly, you can get great topics. You can just write about the things that are happening in your business or on your blog that can be considered newsworthy.
You can write about new product, service or program, New published report and new strategic partnership. Make it a point to produce at least one press release a month. In such a way you will come with lot of ideas.

  • Voice:

Nowadays, press release can be published on the web, and viewed by the end user. Always write a press release from a third person perspective. Press release should be very objective.

  • Quotes:

Quotes can be powerful sales tool in a press release.

Go through these points before writing a press release for your site.

Commenting on blogs

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 social
Distinctive Blog post:

Write posts that are controversial which can create debate and encourage visitors to comment and voice their opinion on your blog. It would be much better if you can describe your statement with certain facts and evidence.

Try asking questions in your posts:

Ask questions in your post while will enable readers to think and they may reply with some answers.

Comment on other blogs:

Find related blogs in your industry, read their posts and give meaningful comments that may add value. Commenting on others blogs is one of the best networking methods.

Comment on other blogs or forums along with your link:

Do comment on other blogs or forums along with your link and explain why your post is important. By adding link along with the comment, many people will click to your blog and give honest feedback through comments.

Comment exchanges:

By exchanging comments with other people in your industry, both parties benefit.

Comment contests:

You can tell people that if they comment on your post they may win great prizes. Many people will participate just to win the contest.

Fake comments:

This is not the write way to promote a blog. But if you’re desperate, fake comments may portray that your blog is active and alive.

Words that can make a sale

Friday, October 9th, 2009 content
While writing content for website, carefully choose your words and keywords as it will determine your web page’s rankings on search engines and pull visitors to your site. Once visitors visit your site, how do you ensure you make a sale? By choosing, right set of words.
Words make the saleWhat are these words?

Credible words:
If you visit various sites they will have words that are overstatements or exaggerated claims. Some words like killer apps, incredible results, never before, world famous, extraordinary features and a lot more words which are followed with several exclamation marks!!! Limit yourself to single exclamation mark where it is required.

While adding these words make sure that you have documented evidence, otherwise visitors will feel the claims are untrue. How can they trust you with their money?

Simple words:
Use information-rich words, quality words, yet easy to understand words.

Powerful words:
Always use keyword rich and targeted words, so that right people could visit your site. This is very important when you’re writing descriptions and ads to promote your site, writing headlines and subheads.

Documented words:
Use client testimonials to assure people that you deliver on your promises. Quotes from experts in the field you are writing about, add weight to your statements.

Persuasive words:
Your content should be written in such a way that you sell a product or service. Web is a virtual showroom, where you don’t have the advantage of using body language like energetic gestures, smiles that can draw your attention. The words should be in such a way that will persuade visitors to stay, take a tour, look at the services you provide, read customer testimonials etc.

Tips on content writing

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 content

While writing content for the web, use

  • Shorter sentences
  • One idea per paragraph
  • Simple words
  • Bulleted lists
  • Avoid cute lines, have meaningful headlines and subheads
  • Highlighted text
  • Concise text

Why people spend less time reading web content

Readers read the content on the web slowly

  • Reading content on a computer screen tires the eyes. So, web content should be 50% shorter than print.

Web readers tend to web scan the text

  • Most of the readers either scan or skim text rather than reading it word by word. Highlight the text and bulleted lists aid scan ability.

Web readers have less tolerance

  • Web readers generally read the information they want and move on. They don’t have the patience for obscure and complex text. People generally move to another site if you don’t provide information that they require.
  • Attracting readers attention is a big challenge, especially when you have just

-10 seconds to grab readers attention with your website content

    – 55 seconds to develop an understanding of your company or product

    Always use clear and concise text.

Web readers are skeptical

Credibility plays an important role in retaining reader interest on the web

  • Always write meaningful headlines and subheading.
  • Avoid marketing jargon to build credibility
  • Cute or clever lines may take longer time for the reader to get to the main point.

Readers avoid overloaded information

  • Use short sentences, short paragraphs and one idea per paragraph while writing content
  • Use meaningful headlines and sub-headlines so that web readers can find information they want quickly and easily.