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Conversion Tracking - The Best Tool to Measure Your ROI

Written by Jinu Sunil @ 12:01 AM permanent link on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | Post a Comment |

One tool that you have to be included in your pay per click advertising is conversion tracking. This tool will help you test how healthy your campaigns are performing. By seeing the conversion tracking, you can easily find whether your ROI is positive or negative. If you aren't making money from your advertising then it is not worth. There are times when you can achieve a greater benefit by losing money in order to gain branding and top-of-mind marketing results. For most advertisers, ROI is very much important. ROI is measured by subtracting your pay per click spend from the revenue earned from your advertising hard work. Suppose you spent $50 on advertising and as a result of that advertising you made $60 back from sales. Then your ROI is $20. Conversion tracking is a tool that tracks the buyer on your site to find out when they make a purchase. As soon as a customer clicks on the ad to go to your site, they have a cookie dropped on their computer and when they make a purchase, a conversion is logged. By using this tool, you'll know in an instant whether your advertising is truly being effective. You can take conversion tracking code from PPC service providers. MSN adcenter's and Adwords' conversion code you have to place in between Body tag of the html of your tracking page. But yahoo search marketing conversion code you have to place in between head tag of the html of your tracking page.



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