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What Are the Most Important Criteria for a Good PPC Campaign

Written by Jinu Sunil @ 12:01 AM permanent link on Thursday, September 11, 2008 | Post a Comment |

Recently I have come across a nice article. It says there are mainly 7 criteria for a good pay per click ad campaign. Here are the 7 criteria:

* Use conversion tracking
* Don't use Google's default settings
* Keep a fixed schedule when optimizing keywords and ads
* Study the competition before you begin
* Treat your keywords, ads, and landing page as one unit
* Be selective in capitalization
* Keep it simple with a strong call to action

My doubt is whether one of the criteria is more important than the others? For example, is being selective in capitalization more important than avoiding Google's defaults? In my view all these are important. But I will give more preference to these aspects -

* Use conversion tracking
* Consider your keywords, ads, and landing page as one entity
* Keep it simple with a strong call to action

These are basic to any successful campaign. You cannot run a successful campaign without calculating conversions and you should understand how they relate to ROI. Optimization means your keyword usage in your ad with the keyword usage in your landing page and making the two work together. A strong call to action associated with a well-written, highly optimized ad is the best treat for an average performing campaign.



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