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Will Google Chrome Affect My AdWords PPC?

Written by Jinu Sunil @ 12:01 AM permanent link on Friday, September 5, 2008 | Post a Comment |

Google has released a browser called Google Chrome. Yesterday we downloaded it and is really user friendly. I was using IE and don't like to use Firefox at all (no reason for that). I heard chrome is an interesting application and many of my friends started to use it. So I too started a test use yesterday. Didn't get much time to experiment. Then suddenly my thoughts went the way that whether my adwords ppc will be affected by this new browser. But inside AdWords blog I could see a blog post telling that Google Chrome shouldn't affect our AdWords. What they mean is your landing pages should appear the same way in Google Chrome as they do in Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft IE. You don't have to do anything new for your landing pages to look exact the way before. Waiting for the development and popularity of Chrome. What you think? Chrome will catch up to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft IE? Even if it is from google, I will take its own time to reach the top. But I believe that one day it will reach the top. If you like to download the software, download it. Don't worry about your existing landing pages. I feel it is almost the same way as top browsers. When creating a new landing page, make a look at this new browser before make it alive.

Make a look if you haven't seen it yet.

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