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Every Little Detail Counts in PPC

Written by Jinu Sunil @ 8:01 PM permanent link on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | Post a Comment |

When considering PPC ad copywriting, the title is true. Even spaces will be counted.

Suppose you are selling wristband. Or is that wrist band? Google both and you'll probably get different results. Ignoring the paid search ads, when Googled "wrist band" the top five results were:

But when I Googled "wristband", top five results were:

So what do organic search listings have to do with paid search listings? It is nothing except that when you bid on a keyword, the specific keyword that you bid on is the page on which your ad will appear in the SERPS. If you bid on "wrist band" then your ad will show with the first set of results; if you bid on "wristband" then your ad will show with the second set of results. Best option is to bid on both and if you have a tight budget then you have to make a choice. Notice that some of those organic listings rank for "wrist band" but that the word in the description or title of the SERP listing is "wristband". That's because those website optimizers did a good job of targeting both keywords, but you don't have the space to do that in a PPC ad so you'll have to target one or the other. The best way to target both is by using two separate ads - one for each keyword.



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