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Do all the pay per click marketing are equal?

Written by power @ 1:10 AM permanent link on Monday, February 16, 2009 | Post a Comment |

Everyone is aware that absolute fortunes are made through Google Adwords system. So they tend to think that all the other pay per click marketing is also doing wonders for their business. Let's have a look on some pay per click marketing system that is available online.

The king of pay per click marketing is of course run by Google. The Google Adwords system performs the entire process. Once the relevant keyword and ad goes in the system, the ad will get displayed immediately in search engine result pages. They also provide you with the option to display your ad in millions of websites around the world through Google AdSense system. Therefore Google pay per click marketing system provides you with lots of exposure and also gets lot of traffic in short period of time.

Next, we can talk about yahoo search marketing or YSM for short. With the use YSM you can receive decent amount of traffic to your site. YSM tends to be little bit complicated and difficult than Google. But once you are comfortable, you can easily make any moderations to your ad whenever you like. Though they send less traffic as Google, the traffic you get is qualified traffic.

The new entry in pay per click marketing is MSN. The system here is user friendly. As it is new to pay per click marketing it require to be reviewed properly as it is not effective as Google and Yahoo. The system sends you qualified traffic on a consistent basis.

Finally, after discussing about few pay per click marketing it is believed many systems like Yahoo and MSN will not send you much traffic if so then they are all fraud clicks. And it is also known that Google is top among all that provides you with the best traffic.




If I may I'd add that Google currently 'owns' 8 out of 10 PPC based searches, or 80%. It's a monopoly. Time is best spent on Google over the other two mentioned.

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