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Choosing a pay per click agency

Written by power @ 9:06 PM permanent link on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 | Post a Comment |

Pay per click (PPC) advertising agencies can help you start your PPC campaign and attract quality sales traffic to your website. A good place to start your search for an agency is to open your favourite search engine and search for one in your area. If you find a name in the top ten generic results and again in the top three sponsored links, you could click through and see whether the landing page matches your expectations.

Before contacting an agency, consider the skills and competencies you expect of an agency and your marketing goals and objectives.

There are certain similarities with traditional advertising agencies - eg you'll want prospective PPC agencies to provide testimonials and customer references or case studies. See our guide on how t0 choose and manage advertising agency.

However, PPC agencies must have different skills and a different mind set. Ask prospective agencies whether they're accredited as a Google AdWords Qualified Company, a Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador and/or a Microsoft adExcellence member.

A good agency should have proven experience in the particular complexities of a stand-alone PPC campaign and Internet marketing campaigns that include PPC and other online marketing strands - eg banner adverts. They need to be able to show:

  • an understanding of the pros and cons of the top PPC providers
  • a good grasp of your market sector and competition
  • proven experience and the necessary technology to set up, manage, track and analyse PPC campaigns
  • a creative approach to PPC essentials - keyword research, bid management, daily budget, website optimisation and advert writing
  • excellent strategic analysis and web analytic abilities
  • how they set and achieve agreed targets
  • how they plan to report to you and how often
  • how they intend to maximise and measure your return on investment
  • how they intend to charge you (eg a flat fee, a percentage of the campaign expenditure or on the basis of campaign performance)



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