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Bad performing keywords delete or temporary pause:

Written by power @ 11:47 PM permanent link on Sunday, April 19, 2009 | Post a Comment |

If you are running PPC campaign for a long time you would have come across lots of keywords that either doesn't perform well or not converting properly. So what do we do with these keywords I recommend deleting non performing keywords than just pausing them.

Non performing keywords are always non performing they will never perform even if paused. If you pause non performing keywords later you will have double mind whether to re-enable them. It's better to delete keywords so that you are not confused. There is only one disadvantage when deleting keywords in Google adwords you might lose quality score that you had before for that keyword. But then again if the keywords are not performing I am sure they will not be worth even if they have decent quality score. From my personal experience most non performing keywords are not properly related to the landing page or website. One other reason is the keywords are more generic than the products you are selling. So I recommend just delete keywords that are not working for you and relax.

You need to decide carefully which keywords you need and don't need.

Bidding rules using bid management:
-Great converting keywords and low CPL's -> own adgroup per keyword, budget for 100% sov and bidding for pos. 1
-Great converting keywords and medium CPL's -> Own adgroup per keyword, budget for 100% SOV but bidding according to lead needs at that time/in that country (the whole quantity vs quality debate)
-Great converting keywords and high CPL's -> Own adgroup per keyword, budget for 100% SOV but bidding for lower positions

-Converting keywords and low CPL's -> up budget and bids for 100% SOV
-Converting keywords and medium CPL's -> same budget but lower bids
-Converting keywords with high CPL's -> minimum budget and minimum bids

-Non converting keywords with low cost and low positions -> Look at relevance, if relevant up bids for higher position in low budget campaign. If not relevant delete
-Non converting keywords with low cost and high positions -> Look at relevance, if relevant keep as is, if not relevant delete
-Non converting keywords with medium and high cost -> delete

Then all is left is setting objective standards for High, Medium and Low: impressions, positions, CPL's, number of leads and budgets.

Ads texts are always set up as follows:

-2 per adgroup; both are similar except for one line
-Always make the ad - line 1: headline with keyword, line 2: benefit, line 3: offer/call to action
-Only keyword insertion on relevant long tail keywords
-After enough data has been collected (look at statistical significance) we decide on a winner ad, pause the other and make one additional ad (with again only one line changed). This is a continual process.



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