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Bidding against you :

Written by power @ 9:49 PM permanent link on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | Post a Comment |

Is it possible? May be I am a bit crazy today thinking all weird stuff. Well what happens if I setup multiple sites with same or similar content. Then I setup different adwords accounts for different sites bid for same keywords on different adwords accounts. What will happen if I do that? I will virtually be competing with my own sites. Though this might not have any impact on keywords it could have some impact on quality score. Today quality score plays an important role and when I am my own competition I can see the movement of quality score right?

One other way is to have the same set of keywords for different landing pages in different ad groups under same campaign it's possible. The only disadvantage with this is your Quality score might get split when Google triggers your ads for same keywords searched. I want to test out the different site theory to see how it works. It just came out of my mind.



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