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Is Adwords difficult for new user?

Written by power @ 1:53 AM permanent link on Monday, April 13, 2009 | Post a Comment |

When I was reading through webmaster world I came across this interesting thread '' , this thread discusses some interesting issues whether Adwords is compatible for new users.

Most people in this thread say Adwords is not easy for end users. New people who sign up for Adwords find it difficult and they take time to get adapted to the new terms and interface. For new users I agree its too complicated and time consuming when we take new PPC manager trainees it takes us atleast a month to train to get used to Adwords. People who are not used to internet marketing get confused with the terminologies used in Adwords. To get good decent knowledge they need to go through the whole learning center documents.

According to netmag Google *must make changes* to the Starter Edition. For one thing, the Search and Content networks need to be separate. The advertisers MUST know what they're getting into before they go bellowing headlong into Content, and they should have to OPT IN to it before it's active. The tool for selecting the types of traffic (social sites, video sites, parked domains) should not be buried in the Tools section, but be right up front when setting up the campaign.

The budget optimizer needs work too, at least the language around it. It should be easier and more clear to put a maximum CPC on any given keyword - I took over an account where the customer was paying something like $12 for a broad matched keyword that costs him no more than forty cents with a 10/10 QS once I got him straightened out.

I could go through step by step of the Starter Edition set up and list out everything that's wrong wrong wrong, but I don't have time. I have too many clients who need AdWords help.

(And I'm not cutting off my nose to spite my face - there will always be clients who need more advanced AdWords & Analytics help, or who just can't take the time themselves. But Google making it easier on the small business user can ONLY make the brand better, and make more money for ALL of us - advertiser, search marketing professional, and Google themselves)
And by the way - all that said - believe it or not, AdWords is still yards above the competition (MSN & Yahoo) in ease of use, tools, and time spent managing accounts. But that competitive edge may not last forever.



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