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More ad variations - instant positive quality score:

Written by power @ 9:46 PM permanent link on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 | Post a Comment |

Recently few of the keywords I setup for my client got a bad quality score around 3-4 and were rated poor. My client was worried and he complained we need to fix it immediately. I know we are good with landing pages just our ads are not too relevant. So I told my junior to make more ads relevant to the keywords that got bad quality score and boom next day the quality score of the bad keywords were back to 7 or 8.

I have seen many people afraid of this quality score. Personally it's an excellent feature if done right you can use it to your own benefit. Some high quality score keywords can perform better even with lower bids. So make sure you maintain a healthy quality score for all the keywords you are advertising in a ad group.

Remember if you are an affiliate site you are not welcomed both in PPC and SEO. Bad quality scores are common in affiliate PPC campaigns.



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