FMany content management, systems such as blogs, allow readers to subscribe to content update notifications via RSS or XML feeds. Feeds can also refer to pay per click syndicated feeds, or merchant product feeds. Merchant product feeds have become less effective as a means of content generation due to improving duplicate content filters.


Free For All. FFA enables linking in a particular page. This is commonly used to check your spam emails.


The technology of allowing a designer to embed interactive multimedia into web pages. Flash is often used for Flash intros, games, and animating navigation. Flash will not get indexed as Search engines can't read embedded content in Flash.


Filter is a software application that is used to filter out web pages that use spam for promotion of pages.

Flash intro

Flash intro is an animated intro created using Flash that usually annoy users. Search engines again cannot read the content embedded in Flash.


When web pages are divided in to multiple windows, each window is called as a frame. Each window or frame contains a separate page. When one window is scrolled, others can remain fixed for other purposes.


Frameset is a web page that is made up of frames.


This is actually a term used by Google uses to refer to home pages that frequently change.

Font Matching

Hiding the keywords such that the background color and the font color matches


A virtual community. Also known as discussion forums. Used by search engine optimizers and webmasters for information exchange. Users can post messages in different forums, either to the group at large or to certain users. However, all postings can be seen by anyone else who has access to that forum, so save sensitive materials for private email. Forums are also threaded, which means a reply to a particular posting becomes part of the "thread" of that posting that can be followed to provide a cohesive progression through a particular topic.


The number of times a unique user viewing your ad on a repetitive basis within the confined is known as Frequency.


File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring data between computers.

Funds Remaining

The Funds Remaining quantity that we exhibit on your Billing summing up page shows that estimated amount of your prepaid Ad Words finances that you have left remaining in your financial credit. This figure may fluctuate to some extent from the sense of balance outstanding flaunted on this page for the reason that, due to the technique our system evaluates costs, the Funds Remaining will enclose to some extent additional efficient custom statistics.


Favorites Icon is a small icon which appears next to URLs in a web browser.

Fresh Content

Content which is dynamic in nature and gives people a reason to keep paying attention to your website is fresh content. Many SEOs talk up fresh content, but fresh content does not generally mean re-editing old content. It more often refers to creating new content.

Fuzzy Search

Search which will find matching terms when terms are misspelled (or fuzzy). Fuzzy search technology is similar to stemming technology, with the exception that fuzzy search corrects the misspellings at the users end and stemming searches for other versions of the same core word within the index.



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