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Google’s SketchUp for 3D- An entry into virtual world

Google along with @Last Software have jointly ventured into releasing Google SketchUp, software for 3D modeling.

They have developed SketchUp Pro5 for architects, designers, builders, art directors and game developers. Now with this software anybody can develop 3D model of their choice. The 3D Warehouse facilitates Upload, search, browse view and download SketchUp models.

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Google launches map for Europe

Google released its beta version of the map of Europe. This encompasses the maps of France, Germany Italy and Spain. The map includes the full set of travel routes, street maps and driving directions.

This release is a worldwide attempt merging the work of Google teams from these countries. This release includes better resolution images of Eiffel Tower of Paris, Olympiastadion of Berlin and Grand Canal of Venice.

Source: 27-04-2006

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Google alerts penalties through sitemaps in webmasters

Google’s webspam team and sitemap team have worked jointly and instituted a new scheme to intimate some sites regarding their penalties through the sitemaps in webmasters. Though this method is in test now, Matcutt claims it to be an improved approach to intimate the penalized websites.

The websites get penalized due to the reasons that they may hold hidden texts or hidden links. Google bans such sites due to the violation from Google’s quality guidelines. Now Google notifies this ban through webmasters in sitemaps.

This sitemap in webmaster also contain Google’s webmaster quality Guidelines. This enables the site owners to modify their website and submit a reinclusion request to the Google to get their banned site included in Google’s ranking.

Source: 27-04-2006

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MSN releases Windows Live Toolbar Beta version

The Windows Live Toolbar Beta is a helpful tool to find out stuff faster on the internet and is more secure. It is in truth a cool technology which grabs snippets of web pages that can be shared or viewed later. It allows to assemble and read feed collections so that all feeds are in one situate thus helping to systematize information that you find on web.

In addition, the toolbar incorporates new services like Windows Live Search, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Favorites and with automatic RSS detection and aggregation.

Source: 13/04/2006

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An inexpensive travel search engine – A release by Yahoo!

Summer is on and vacation is what all plan now. Yahoo announces Farechase.Com, a travel search engine that searches across airline sites and online travel agency websites to offer users a complete portal of cost, flight availability and accommodation.

FareChase aid people plan better trips with access to the most pertinent immediate information eliminating the need for multiple online searches thus reducing the expense and time used up.

Source: 13/04/2006

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Countrywide doodle contest for youth

Google is akin to echo the changing world through doodle design competition. ‘Doodle for Google- My Britain’, asks young British natives to present a doodle for a day which portrays the idea of life in Britain.

Team of judges will decide on the regional winners to select the 30top. The British public will cast their vote to choose the best one. The winner will fly to Google’s HQ, the Googolplex in California to help Dennis, Google’s original doodler in designing next doodle for Google.

Source: 13/04/2006

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Party with the new hotel price search engine

This is indeed a season to party with a reason; the popular search engine search party now has launched a new bets product.

The efficacy of the product is that it helps customers compare the rates of the various hotels. This new functionality is really new as no other travel site has encompassed this feature.

Vacationers can now travel in rapture, as they get to know and compare the various room rates, toll and booking fees, cancellation policies etc. the good news here is that you can acquire information for more than 40,000 hotels and other sources of accommodations.

Source: 5/4/2006

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The lingo based search engine soon to hit the markets

A new customized language based search engine is yet to be instigated by the arexera information technologies. The search engine is christened as “seek port” and is planned to be released in India, European Union and the west Asian markets.

The lingoes incorporated in the search engine include three Arabic scripts and various other Indian languages. The Spanish version is under production but will be released soon in this year.

The seek port would initially function only as a search engine but it is expected to do more in the near future.

Source: 5/4/2006

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The brits ask for more!

Internet is nevertheless the monster source of information, search engines being the brain of the monster. A recent study conducted by the metro research unraveled the fact that brits never get contented with a single search engine.

Google has drawn about 94% of the internet-using-populace to its services, while the other popular search engines like yahoo, askjeeves and msn pursue the track with 40%, 39% and 37% respectively.

Only a meager population of the internet using community restricts itself to a single search engine, while the others do not stick to a particular one.

The survey also shed light about the behavior of the internet users, where one quarter of the users are successful in their search, more than two thirds of the users blame themselves for their failure (assuming that they typed the wrong keyword), while the rest feel that advertisements are sources of great hindrances during their search.

Source: 4/4/2006

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Yahoo china solves the problem

The “one search box” option of yahoo was certainly a problem for the Chinese search engine. The Chinese feel that the option suits only the western users. The search engine was not able to work in harmony with the features of the web 2.0 era.

The Chinese also feel that the Chinese search engines should be exclusively tailor made for the natives. And that is why yahoo china has come up with an indigenous search engine which would cater the needs of Chinese people and would also work well with the web 2.0.

A simple home page was launched by yahoo china last year, but now after various featured augmentations the page is brimming with new contents. “Recommended music”, “recommended headlines”, “recommended pictures” are some of the latest additions.

Yahoo china is now a full fledged search engine with even more better features, planning to add more in the near future. The yahoo china introduces every feature keeping in mind the user’s demands.

Source: people’s daily online, china 5/4/2006

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