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2011 Google Toolbar Page Rank Update

Google Toolbar Page Rank underwent minor updates in the past few months.However many webmasters were waiting for a major update for the past couple of months,as the last major update was on April 3,2010.There was only 1 main update in 2010,while the previous year 2009 witnessed 5 major updates.

Google Toolbar Pagerank Update

At the beginning of this new year 2011, the first major update was seen on Jan 20,2011.

A list of all the recent updations can be viewed here

Some views on the importance of the Page Rank :

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MSN Direct Has a Traffic Data Transmissions Competitor

Microsoft’s MSN Direct technology has a competitor in the field of traffic data transmissions and further than.
Clear channel Radio Proclaimed today that it will initiate transferring traffic information via HD Radio in majority of the urban areas nationally. Weather updations can also be added in the coming future. This network will compete with MSN Direct. Presently it makes traffic info, weather updates, gas prices, and movie times to clientele available through common devices for example watches, GPS units, weather stations, and coffee makers.
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