Forum posting for back links -Be watchful

Those who thought forum posting for back links might be a fine idea for your dealing, here is a statement of suggestion: be watchful. There are many risk and consequence in link building approach in the Google system. Lots of the indigenous category feels their Google environment has been overwhelmed by Panda and Penguin, making it even more complex. Many webmasters, business owners and SEOs have been trying to mess up with uncovering the best new methods of building back links and dominating search. The majority of business owners remain in the dark as to what techniques could help them or hurt them. One of the most common link-building techniques is forum posting, drive incredible amounts of traffic to a site, it’s not from cheap SEO forum posting that you can pay for online. In fact, should know that worthless forum posting for the purpose of gaining a back link back-up can actually smash up your website’s reputation. Once you’ve proved your worth in forum posting you gain the respect of the club and can pick the benefits of your group alliance.  As a business holder, you’ll be left wondering why hundreds or thousands of people visited your site only to scorn your product. But many SEOs who participate in forums for their clients and do a great job with it. If you want to increase your traffic, not help other people find solutions to their problems. That takes a lot of time and effort and it’s hard to play the subtle game of give first when all you want is to form some sales. The cause forums can drive so much traffic is because people are seeking and providing answers. Both forums and search in general operate largely on the “give and you shall receive” hymn. To summarize, SEO services be able to be harmful to online efforts, specifically forum posting. Instead of focusing on simply building links, focus on building a eminence by providing useful resources to potential clients or customers.

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Goodbye to Low Quality Link Building

Time has come for say big “goodbye” to low quality link building altogether.The Panda update was primarily focused on low quality sites that had bad linking practises.

A lot of questions remain in the mind of link builders that competitors are ranking high because of thousands of pure spam links.

Here is a way to find low quality and high volume links in your analysis:

1. A big brand with a quite good reputation is good enough to rank for a particular keyword.

2.If it not then Google is close enough to crack those sites giving no space for spammy backlinks

How to Determine a Valuable Backlink Oppurtunity

You need to determine whether the backlink you are obtaining from a site is valuable.Here are some signs that makes Google to deem a site as low quality

1. Lots of Ads

If the site is covered with lots of advertising chunks or with five blocks of Adsense then you need to stay away from them

2. Lack of quality content

If your article gets approved immediately in a site then this is not the site for your needs. If poorly written articles are approved easily then Google’s algorithm has no other go other than acting harsh on your site.

3.Lots of content,low traffic

Blogs with a PageRank of 6 looks like a great place to spam a comment. If the blog lacks authority in terms of traffic and social sharing then it has a lot of chance to be devalued in the future.In previous cases Page Rank did not save the site from Panda Update.

4. Lack of Moderation

Lack of moderation can prove costly and you need to moderate your blog comments.When lots of spammy links are present in a page,you don’t want yours to go next to it.

It’s high time you need to change your link building strategies according to recent algorithmic changes. Feel free to share your thoughts on linkbuilding


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Flash 11 and AIR 3 launching in October

On Wednesday, Adobe announced the availability of Flash 11 and AIR on variety of platforms that includes Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry Tablet OS, Mac OS for early October.

The ability to run hardware accelerated 3D graphics inside the player is the biggest feature in Flash 11. Improvements have also been made in Flash’s 2D capabilities which enables 1000 times faster rendering performance over the previous versions.

Support for native extensions as well as captive run time means developer can automatically pack AIR3 with their apps which will simplify the installation process.

Rental and subscription options are available for for content publishers across all supported platforms including mobile platforms

You can check out the feature of Flash 11 and Air 3 in the below video.


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Google Buzz in the field of SEO

Google Buzzhas already created a buzz with its comparison with Facebook and Google. Additionally,it was infamous for its privacy lapse,though Google seems to have sorted it out.However there is another important aspect of Google Buzz which cannot be ignored,which is its importance in the field of seo.Few include:

Google Buzz and SEO
  • Feature of Indexing – The most rational explanation is that Google Buzz can be used for quick indexing of new content. So in order to obtain to get a new page indexed post it on Buzz or better include a buzz button.
  • Facility of keyword research – One can use,which is the third party Google Buzz search engine to find out popular keywords presently. They’re displayed on the homepage itself as “popular searches”.
  • Helps in link building – Google Buzz does not use “nofollow” as Google moves away from this option. Twitter included nofollow to all links in tweets as well as its profile pages. Some people include their Twitter feed to Buzz in order to get it rightly indexed and followed.
  • Organic Search Results – Google Buzz items presently don’t appear correctly in real time results on Google yet but there is every chance that it will appear soon.It could be one of the major reasons Google introduced Buzz, to contend with Twitter for attention.
  • Microblogging Phenomenon- Though majority of people compare Buzz to Twitter and Facebook, in reality it is rather a Tumblr and Posterous rival. It’s quite good for content you just drop quick without much commotion. Tumblr and Posterous are still much superior but Google is bigger. So choose one.
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Matt Cutts’ Explanation about Google guidelines

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team has delivered an explanation regarding the Webmaster guidelines provide by Google.This was one of the suggestions provided by the Search Engine Giant..”Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number.”

Here are some reasons Matt Cutts cited why it is better to maintain the number of links less than 100.He went on to explain that previously Google indexed just around 100 kilobytes of a page.In case the page exceeds 100 links, it usually exceeds 100kb and the remaining links will be completely ignored or truncated by Google.Suppose, there are more than 100 links on any page ,people who reach the page might be completely overwhelmed and may be unable to find what they were looking for and might decide to leave the page.Google classifies this as a “bad user experience”.

However, in some situations, where a large resource library is provided ,it is absolutely necessary to maintain a page with more than 100 links.In these cases Google won’t consider these pages as spam,instead Google will either choose to exclude these links from being indexed or might tag them as nofollow.

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Canonical link element

The top 3 search engines Google,Yahoo and Microsoft have come together in order to launch a new canonical” link tag which will handle the problem of duplicate content.This tag assists webmasters in order to determine which URL they require the search engines to concentrate on when the website contains a lot of vastly similar or duplicate contents which is pointed to by many URLs.

Joachim Kupke, senior software engineer, and Maile Ohye, developer programs tech lead at Google have mentioned that this tag provides an opportunity to have greater control over the URL’s which are returned in search results,if your site has identical contents,corresponding to different URL’s

Assume the following 2 pages contain similar contents

Suppose we need the search engine to display this page in the results page,

then the canonical tag has to be used in the following manner
<link rel=”canonical” href=” product.php?items=equipments”/>

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Link-Measuring on Google Map

Now with Google map, whenever you draw a line, you would see the present distance as you move the mouse and add new points. It further displays the info window when you completely click on the line. This feature is by now got good number of attention from outdoor fans such as Free Geography Tools and Team Geared Up have taken a very positive note on it. But the feature is not yet been introduced in Google Earth, and it’s also partial to expressing distances in miles.
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Google linked to local project

Blythewood has an exit off Interstate 77, but Internet giant Google would make the town a bigger stop on the information superhighway.

A massive data management center is being offered for 466 acres south of the growing Northeast Richland town.

Public records filed newly on Friday link the project with Google, though the company and most government officials won’t comment.

The proposed $200 million to $800 million data center that would be built in two stages has the capacity to employ as many as 600 people.

The complex would also include eight 10acre warehouses chock full of computer servers according to the recent proposal filed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The corps should approve the plan, presented by Arum Composites as it calls for filling in 14 acres of creeks and streams.

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MLA congratulates south Armagh Gaelic poet

MLA congratulates south Armagh Gaelic poet

AN SDLP MLA for Newry and Armagh has praised south Armagh poet Raymond Murray, who is a native of Newtownhamilton, on the publication of his latest book. Speaking at an Irish language event Mr Bradley said, ‘Monsignor Murray is famous for his pioneering work on human rights and for his historical writing but not a sufficient amount people know of his poetic work. He has published three volumes of poetry in Irish and his most recent collection lives up to the standard of his previous works.

for more see at

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Washington Post Halts Blog Comments

Washington Post Halts Blog Comments

Duncan Riley at Blog Herald reports that “The WashingtonPost has for an indefinite period shut off the ability for people to post comments on its blog since of ‘objectionable postings.’”Duncan explains that the Post’s policy was to prohibit comments that were personal attacks or used vulgarity or hate speech. Sounds like they got a whiff of the time eater that blog comment management can be. Surprised they did not just install some filters and / or CAPTCHA tools to cut down on spamming and questionable language.“Because a significant number of folks who have posted in this blog have refused to follow any of those relatively simple rules, we’ve decided not to allow comments for the time being,” Jim Brady, executive editor of, wrote on the subject.Hmmm, after taking a glance at one of the Washington Post’s political blogs, it seems that comments are live again. A look at The Fix also shows comments are active. Seems that Duncan is only referring to the official Washington Post Blog, and not blogs within the Washington Post Media site. Those comment fields are still open for writing offensive postings by Washingtonians.

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