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Tips to Help New Online Entrepreneurs for Organized at Work

There are many ways to organize in daily work of a new enterpreneur

Start Making use of secure password storage system to help you manage and access your passwords quickly and efficiently.I have also found it useful to have a system manage my “to-do” list. If you rely on your memory to keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it, you will find you are constantly thinking of items that need your attention. Online marketers are famous for downloading huge volumes of Internet marketing related training and information.Lastly, it is wise to follow a routine. I have found this especially useful when getting those marketing tasks done. As we all know, marketing an online business is key to spreading the word about what service you offer.

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Internet Explorer 9 To Proffer ‘Do Not Track’ Option

Recently Microsoft announced that they’re taking initiatives to guarantee user privacy with a new “Do Not Track” option in Internet Explorer 9. The pronouncement comes on the heels of an extremely disputed recommendation from the FTC (Federal Track Commission) that would make tracking an opt-in only scenario.

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However experts have complained that asking web users to turn on the facility to track them would be upsetting for small business owners who hugely rely on tracking to tightly target ads. Others have conveyed that such a move would be impossible to regulate due to the wide variety of  browsers and ad delivery systems.

Internet Explorer 9, which is due to be released early on next year, will come equipped with “Tracking Protection.” By utilizing this feature, customers will be able to click on an ad and prohibit the 3rd party providing the ad from tracking them in the future. These 3rd parties are included in the  “Tracking Protection List” which is saved in the browser settings.

From a marketing perspective, Microsoft’s solution is the best one. This way, consumers who worry about tracking can opt out, but those who are not aware of it or don’t care won’t be affected.

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Latest version of Internet Explorer launched by Microsoft.

Microsoft has made the latest version of Internet Explorer IE 8, the world’s most popular web browser to be available for download .Microsoft revealed that the Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is much faster, user-friendly and extremely secure than the previous versions of IE.
Internet Explorer is presently utilized as the main browser by around 67 per cent of the world. This is a clear reduction from 91% in 2004,due to rival’s such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari as well as Google’s chrome. Due to the ubiquitous occurrence of IE,it has become a target for hackers trying to prey on its programming areas.For Microsoft to get back its lost market share it needs to convince the net users that the latest version is more secure.
Steve Ballmer, the chief executive officer of Microsoft, has conveyed that Microsoft promises to deliver a browser through which people can get apt information in a fast manner.He also stated that IE 8 provides protection which is incomparable to other browsers.A new feature known as “Accelerators” has been added. Through this feature, users can look an address on a map, without the need to navigate to a separate website. In addition,”Web Slices”, which are redesigned flash sites helps in accessing favorites for a net user.
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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has releases IE 8 which is included in Windows 7.This can included for XP,Windows Vista or Windows Server also.The Beta version of IE 8 had arrived last year,but now the Release Candidate (RC) has arrived.

The browser has several add-ons included with it.the company has opted a customization approach with “acceleratorsand “web slices“.Some of the accelerators created were for Facebook ,Stumble Upon and digg.Other features include private browsing,which eliminates the worry for some people who would browse regularly.Though IE8 has included some new features,when compared to IE7,IE8 looks much more simpler.

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Microsoft in the process of fixing security flaws in internet explorer

Reports are being evolved that there has been several security problems in Internet Explorer.Several computer users out there use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. So it’s a genuine drag that there may be a serious security flaw in the browser.The public is being urged to use other browsers while this security flaw is fixed and Microsoft prepares a suitable patch to fix this issue.

The entire network of people using the internet is at risk. This problem is extremely serious as it could give opportunities to criminals to tap into your computer and steal your password which could be disastrous.

Until now , what this flaw has managed to steal are game passwords, but it’s clear what the hackers intentions are.Several experts are suggesting users to find alternate browsers to overcome security risks but this is what John Curran, head of Microsoft UK’s group said “I cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw.”

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Openness – essential ingredient of Internet

Openness is an option to many search engine giants. Yahoo! chose to go along with its rival Google for making the open online platform – OpenSocial. OpenSocial is an initiative by Google that aims to generate a set of standards for all the websites in which social networking is a main concern. Google and Yahoo, who were major rivals has come together for this particular project. The project itself speaks for the theme that is set right before us to speak about. Openness is the major and main ingredient of Internet and that is been well adapted by the Yahoo and Google. The welcome speech proffered by the Google’s Product manager is very encouraging and it speaks for socializing openly amongst the search giants.

It is very true and motivating when Yahoo said that openness is the major part of their culture in Yahoo. it substantiates Google Joe Krauss’ statement. it will suit all the Search Engine Marketers, webmasters and Internet professionals. “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” this leads us to a discussion of how we can hone our professional skills and the mode it is going to be. is it going to be far or fast? Be open to all and be social. It is important for all the Internet professionals, because Internet is all about being social and to communicate.

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Microsoft’s Update on Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s recent update is to eliminate those irritating “click to activate” buttons you see when you open some of web sites using Internet Explorer. Microsoft has now approved the expertise from Eolas, taking off the ‘click to activate’ obligation in Internet Explorer.

The IE update would hit the market in kind of a progressing deployment. According to IEBlog – “The initial chance would be with an elective preview release, known as the Internet Explorer Automatic Component Activation Preview, accessible in December 2007 by means of the Microsoft Download Center. Additionally this change would be made part of the next pre-release versions of Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. After giving people sufficient time to arrange for this change, we’ll roll this behavior into the IE Cumulative Update in April 2008, and all customers who install the update would get the change.”

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WebStream internet solutions develops a new user interface

WebStream internet solutions develops a new user interface

WebStream internet solutions has developed a new user interface for tracing organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is developed to increase traffic to client web sites.

UI runs on its own traffic network which collects the history of SEO marketing work done by the WebStreams,so the clent can easily check ranking before they begin their work. Said by the firm.

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AOL Acquires Internet video search pioneer Truveo, Inc.

AOL Acquires Internet video search pioneer Truveo, Inc.

Online consumers seeking the best video search engine will now find it on the leading free portal on the web – ( ). Internet video search pioneer Truveo, Inc. has been acquired by America Online, Inc., solidifying AOL’s leadership position as the premier destination for a full suite of video and search services.
AOL’s acquisition agreement with Truveo was signed and closed on December 21, 2005. Financial terms were not disclosed. Truveo was previously privately held, and financed by strategic venture and angel investors.
Truveo, based in Burlingame, California, was co-founded by CEO Dr. Tim Tuttle and CTO Dr. Adam Beguelin in January 2004. Truveo subsequently launched its premier video search engine technology in September 2005. “

This looks like a good deal for AOL and its customers, Video search is an other great development and due to the increase in high spead broadband connections more and more videos come online, AOL is sure to benefit on this,

Says AOL betrays google,

“Remember that Google basically had to shell out $1 billion in order to keep its share of AOL’s search biz. As part of the deal, it had to compromise its increasingly farcical “don’t be evil” motto by pledging to help AOL tweak its web pages so that they’ll appear more prominently in Google’s unpaid search results. (“We won’t cheat, but we’ll show you how!”)
After strongarming the billion bucks out of Google, what was Time Warner and AOL’s response to Google’s much-hyped video rollout this week?
AOL said, “Thanks for the money, and by the way, we’re upgrading our own video search.” Webheads can find it at AOL souped up its own video search platform by purchasing the small video search company Truveo. “

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